Friday, May 7, 2010


Happy Without Reason

Yesterday, when to Maison Suppose when there with Sarah but end up with Ghino^^". SORRY Sarah Babe~ Sarah when there with his hubby [Mr.Highway] and his friends, whole gang guys. it was funny, cause Ghino friends is damn CRAZY~!! yesterday night meet quite many friends. I sa Peter, Xiao yan, Jason and Jenny. Yesterday was the 1st night i did not drink more than 1 glass alcohol and back so early~^^

After clubbing when PJ for tea with Ghino and his 2 funny friends, which i still don't know their name is!!==" And 7 May 2010 is the day!!^^

7 May~ still got 3days Sarah Babe birthday!! and my birthday~ no plan, even Sarah asked me what you going to do on that day!!==" she Asked me to countdown!! ZADOU~!! Aiya~~i don't care seriously, i decide to buy my mom a cake^^ cause it also her birthday cause she give birth to me^^ LOVE HER~~muacK!! hmm~Mother'say is on Sunday or Tuesday!? Haix~no money!! i have to say sorry to my mom, it will be no present for this year mother's day~!

I very "hardwork" in finding job this semester break!! but this whole break i only earn RM300==" embrassing!! This Saturday and SUnday will work~!! with Daph and LuJi^^ so happy can work with them again~!! salary quite high, but no transport provided!! have to ask dad fetch me go and Ghino fetch me home!! THANKX~!!!hahahahah

May is my favourite MONTH~^^ cause I'm a Taurus Babe!!
and HAPPY Bird-DaY to all other May or Taurus baby~

*ChiingHui 2nd May
*Macy 4th May
*Vivian & KahWei 6th May
*Xia Yu 8th May
*jordhatt 9th May
*Sarah 10th May
*Caroline[me] & Aunty Jenny & KahChun 11th May
*Ah Choy 14th May
*ZhuJian 18th May
*Rain Jing 26 May

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