Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Long Post~!?

Friday -30 April 2010-

Work for Miracle Hair Expert as voucher seller. i sold 2voucher^^, quite hard to sell cause people thought we are scamming them!! hahahah~ is very tired!! and quite fun^^

then, after work when for tea at mamak next to Amazon with Ling, Kei, Kwan and Herng. They when back and Kitty Mimi came find me^^~

Saturday -1st May 2010-

My family trip^^ to Endau Rompin, Kelong. With Uncle Kent and Aunt jenny. We start our journey at 3am~! so tired==" reach there is already morning. Have our breakfast at Yang Huat restaurant, for bak kut teh. That restaurant belong to 1 of my uncle. The food damn DELICIOUS!!! although just a normal cabbage also so tasty!! YuMmy~!!!

After breakfast continue journey to take boat to Kelong. Reach there not long the guys change clothes and start fishing!!==" and the lady have nothing to do, walk here and there to see the environment and sleep!! damn windy but damn hot like the sun is just beside us!!==" the toilet damn horrible!! and the whole platform is waving left to right!! And i sleep for almost 2-3time that day!! i never sleep or take a nap at afternoon!! Have seafood for lunch and dinner!!=="

The next day Sunday -2nd May 2010-

My parent waked me at 6am++, cause they know i like to take photo and i bought my DSLR together with me, they wake me so i can have a shoot of sunrise. But too bad the sun was blocked by the BIG MOUNTAIN!!! isk~isk~~~~~but i still have few shoot^^

We suppose to go home Sunday morning, but the guys look unsatisfied cause they did not caught any fish, so we when home afternoon 2pm++ without any fish!!hahaha but my dad bought from fresh seafood from the fisherman. we have Nasi lemak with fried fish and Fried rice as lunch~not bad~!! damn nice also^^. Then when back to
Endau Rompin find relative and have Dinner with them at a seafood restaurant with look like belong to them also!! *DAMN RICH* damn damn damn DELICIOUS FOOD!!! and that prawn so big it the size of mine hand!!==" Aunty Jenny say she feel scare when saw Seafood!! cause we having seafood for 2 days!!! hahaha^^

Thought after dinner can go home, but end up we when to visit relative house. NOT 1 but 3-4 houses. all house look nice and big!! Damn tired!! i fall asleep at 1 of the relative house!!=="

Monday -3rd May 2010-

Suppose to start working as PR in a Bar, but that lady boss very choosy. So she wanted to interview us by herself!! so we did not start work on that day. Actually i feel lucky!! cause i don't want to work as that job d. Don't ask me why!? I have my own reason. Reach home, and when to tea with Ghino aka Sinky at Station 1 with 2 of his friends. They 2 very funny!! We drink tea from 9pm++ to 2am this 4hour i was laughing till my mouth also cramp!! and 1 of the guy keep repeating this sentence " i purposely don't eat dinner come Puchong see the Puchong local people[me] bring me go where eat their famous and tasty food, mana tau stil come to Station 1" LOL~!! Im very sorry although i live here for 19years but i seriously don't know Puchong got what food nice!!hahahah!!

Really hope still got chance to go out with both of them!!XD they even call me go Maison this Thursday~^^"

Tuesday -4th May 2010-
i wake at 7am++ and sleep back after Ghino wake me!! and he reach my house at 7.30am to fetch me to Bangsar. I'm SORRY almost made him late for his exam^^" because every where jamming, but lucky we reach there 30minute early^^!!! Owh~forgot to say i be his hair model for his exam, the L'oreal hairstyles exam. Reach there early so when for breakfast at mamak, i did not eat, cause no appetite. His theory exam start at 8am so i have to wait for him at the lobby for 2hours==" guess how i pass my 2hour there==" play Sudoku from my mobile!! Then, 10.30am started the color exam, which mean i have to sit there and let him dye my hair==" boring till i have nothing to do!! He gave me his mobile so i can waste my time on his mobile!! hahahah~~

And we are the last team there==". Haven know what his result, but the judge gave him quite bad comment. Something like he have used the wrong technique. He look sad, but just awhile!!==" after done his exam he fetched me to
RMC office to take my payment and we when to Time Square for movie^^. Watched 2 movie~!! Ip Man 2 and Iron Man 2, both movie also nice!! but i prefer Ip Man 2~!! cause really excited!!^^~ Both movie also should watch^^.

It is funny when out with Ghino~!! he damn crazy!! we was laughing for whole day!!ahhaha~ i when out with him really make my face cramp!!==" and thank for treat me for movie~^^~ hope got change go movie with him again!!

Today, Wednesday -5th may 2010-

SO BORING~!! whole day done nothing!! storm and lighting so have to off modem and lappy!!==" then promote my contest asking other or begging other to VOTE for my Photo at StudyMalaysia.Com group^^. view my previous post to know more~ and VOTE me PLEASE~!! i really hope to win, even only 3rd place~!!

hope tomorrow will be a better day~!!
and got thing to do~=="
not to live at home grow mushroom!!

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