Thursday, May 13, 2010



Celebrated my 19th Birthday at 2 places~^^
1st~Klang "Ice-Cream and Coffee House" nice environment~
Celebrated with a bunch of crazy friends~~~~ no photo, all at the other mobile~SORRY
Ghino Dar bought me a Cappuccino cake with a LOVE on it~ DELICIOUS~!!! ♥♥♥
Waiting him in the car~^^
2nd Place~ The Curve,The Street "Garden"
Food not bad and environment NICE~~^^ comfortable and relaxing~~
Sorry my photo not very clear, Kelvin kor have more clearer photo wait him upload~^^
This is mine Spaghetti Marinara
SoongKit~Carbonara~ most of it i did not take photo, cause I'm hungry~^^
The Cuppa "U BITCH" cake from my Buddy~♥♥♥♥♥
So cute right~^^ look Delicious~!! the icing very SWEET!=="
the cupcake still taste good~^^

I'm wishing, take me long time to think~!!
Me and Ghino Dar "Don't know why he look so LC"
DarLing and me~^^
Buddys and me~^^ Everyone~^^
The Babes~^^
Me while waiting for Ghino~
Blur look~
Fetching me home~^^
Ghino Dar~~LOVE pendant♥♥♥♥♥
Kelvin KOr~GOLD packet
QingChunDou BertBert~~"love letter" ♥
My Babes~~"2ns ZhuTing" ♥♥♥
The gift i got~~^^

more photo will be uploaded on FB~^^
and guess what~!!?
Mr LIM DAO XIANG have wished me just now!!
how dare him so late!!!
as a punishment please come back with my birthday gift!!
Tomorrow go Taman Pertanian CYCLING agaiN!!^^ yeaH~~
this time i think most of the Notti Fam is there~^^

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