Wednesday, May 26, 2010



Yup~~as what the title written!! I'm WIFI-ing at 9's[Nice] Cafe down stair of my house[PV12]. Have my dinner also, with Edison. Food not bad, juice got fruit taste~hahahah~!!environment also not bad, got air-conditional~ BUT!! got fly~~~~~~~~~ and they annoy me!! very very much~!! flying here and there around me~isk~isk~~!!

PV12 haven got any Internet line, so everyone is here just to WIFI==". Don't believe come here at night u will see many student sitting here^^.

I have officially started to live in PV12 and many problem is disturbing me!!
  1. This time I'm living in a master room ALONE~!! I actually feel creepy, cause i long time did not sleep alone and this room is damn big==". The other medium have rented out^^ to a couple from Puchong, my hometown. I have met them before!! hahah~~cause all just staying in their own room hardly can met each other~lolx
  2. My study table haven fix yet, Sunday call AhPa come help me make^^. Then still need to buy some needed thingy like toilet broom, shoe rack, floor mat and etc etc~ *phew* [pouring money AGAIN].
  3. The STUPID Streamyx say PV12 have got the Internet port thingy yet!! So Maybe have to wait 6month to have Internet line==!!
  4. My other housemate E* and F* having cold war!! Hope they could end it as fast as possible, because we will be living together for 1year!! And both of them also my friends it is very hard for me to choose to help which side!! so i think i will not help any of them and also helping both of them at a same time!!=_="
  5. Other than all above, that another problem!! The floor is damn dirty 24hours dirty. After sweep not more than 2hours floor got sand again. Every time got those insect[which look like ants but got wing 1 you guys should know what insect i talking about right!?] Keep flying into my room!! In the morning their dead body left in my room=="
  6. Money is also a important trouble for me. Living here i have to support myself. 2-3meals a day, petrol, assignment money and some extra budget for entertainment. X(

Today when to school no late~^^ good!! ^^3 *thumb up* for myself. Got 3hours break!! i HATE break and have nothing can do *waste of time+money* ==!! Today my class finish classes at 8pm night!!! so dark, first time so late at college lo!! creepy lo~~scary!!
Haix~ a bit tired!! feel sleep, but Kelven and Xiao Feng want to tea with me later!! maybe they miss me cause too long did not see me!!ahhahaha~~

Miss my Dar~
He day day work~!!
I day day college~!!
Only Tuesday can meet or when i work he come fetch me home!!=="

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