Monday, May 10, 2010



I'm Work for 2 Days~!! and it is TIRING~!! Standing there for whole day, from 10am - 10pm!! pity us!! selling Ideal evaporated milk and also promoting the audition for Celebrity Chief Season 2. Below is all photo from Friday 7May - Sunday 8May.

Friday -7May 2010-

I'm to boring at home,
so thinking for to tie up my hair so i won't feel hot and sweating~!!
hahah and i got an IDEA~!!
TA DAA~~this it is~^^

so NICE~!? it is working~~^^?

Saturday -8May 2010-

I'm wake up at 8am, for work==" so lazy to work BUT for money anything laa!! Make up and wake my dad, reach The Curve at 9.30am. It quite fun but tiring. My leg was numb and my back bone damn pain, can't really stand straight anymore! that day it is so damn HOT and DAMN SUNNY~!! like i tanning at the beach~!! I also knew some new friends Henry, Arron, Cally, Happy, Berry, Peggy and our Supervisor Vanessa^^. Also very crazy, LOVE to play^^ happy to working with them.

owh~ya.. This fellow is Ghino. he fetched me home for 2 days!! thanks and LOVE ya~ accompany him dinner at McDonald~pity!! And rushed home to celebrate MOTHER's DAY with grandma, my Aunty May and Mom. Grandma gave every of us 1 red pack although the money only few ringgit, still touching and i saw grandma eyes gt tears.

Sunday -9May 2010-
Happy MOTHER's DAY~!! i know it a bit too late to say greet so!! I'm work, so forgive me^^". 2nd days of work, i SLEPT late!! so i reach there at 9.45am, so i have to buy breakfast at McD==" and start working it was more easier cause not sunny day!!^^ but still very hot cause that stupid chief uniform!! and we sold more than Saturday! This event will held another section at Sunway on 22nd and 23rd May~^^ come join us or enter the Audition~^^

which character look nicer!? left from Henry and right is mine with my signature there~^^hahah~~ drew it when we on our break!! *phew* below was LU JI~!! she is FOR SALE~~ come bid as high as you like if you want her!! xD joking only~~
nah~this is Miss Berry~ Sweet and lovely smile she have^^ and you can't really guess how old is she~~let have a guess~^^ see whether you are right or not~

and this is Mr Henry, which LOVE to talk, disturb people, dance and he is our CASHIER~!!hahahhaha~ 1more thing he from TAR College too^^ how coincidence~!? and YOU sure can't recognize him if you saw his ID and IC photo~!!hahahahaha
This the End of working at The Curve~^^ and i KNOW I LOOK SHORT IN THIS UNIFORM~=="

Today is 10May 2010 and it mean my LOVELY BABE Sarah is OFFICIALLY 19th and she still as "crispy" as 18years old^^ and sexy forever!! and SWEET with her Mr MRR2^^. all the best my BABE~~!! MuaCKx~~LoVE YA~!!!

and tomorrow will be my OFFICIALLY 19th==" and im not as lucky as Sarah!! CAUSE i never "crispy" before~!! hahahah~ anyway, wish my wish will come true!! hahhaha^^" and all my family and friends will happy and live healthy^^. Tonight go Klang got people want treat me BAK KUT TEH~ yuMmY~!!

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