Friday, June 25, 2010

Life Is Complicated

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Oh well~~using my housemate broadband again, cause he not around!!hahaha~
I'm tired and also bored facing my assignment!!=="
What life have to do so many thing to succes or get what we want.

Sometime really don't understand what others thinking.
Hard to understand peoples just by asking them will understand!?, do you think they will say out what every they really feel.
Can't trust even know someone for 10years. 10years is long but you sure you really know them well, because you guys are friends for 10years!?

Choosing a right partner is hard, peoples nowadays only think of look and appreance or money.
Who care if you really treat them good!?
Or have suffer for them!? You told them before!?
Even u told them the true, they also won't fully believe you.
Sometime you treat someone very good and hope to get some respect from them, it really quite hard.

Life really unfair, thats why every people with good look don't apprieciate it much.
People with good brain but go rob bank, sell fish at night market instead of sitting in an office with aic-conditioner, because they are LAZY~!!

My housemate is back!! and they damn annoying!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


6:22 AM 5
This is Plushies, it is very cute!!
it is handmade, having feel to owe 1!?
It price was so reasonable. Want to know more!?CLICK IN
This just for display~
this 2 is the GiVEAWAY 1~ i LOVE the red 1!! RED always my favourite color^^

In middle of rushing my assignment i jump into this giveaway thingy~~hahah
God want me to rest awhile *i think*~!!hahah
whoopss~~forgot to say, giveaway is ON but not me who giving, SHE who giving it~~^^
Want to know how to get this cute plushies!?
Go and check it out at [Selipar Jepun Pink]!! closing date was 30June.


Just done my report!! and it alreaady 6.30am!!
i have to sleep now later 11am lecture!!=="

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


5:37 AM 0

#Because Assignment!?

i also hope so at least i done something!!

NO~!! I recently lack of sleep not insomnia-ing!! also hope i won't insomnia again!!

Final still far away~!!

I DAMN WISH THAT THIS IS A JOB!! At least got income!!

Erm~~ half correct!=="

Still got what reason to make me sleepless at this hour!?
Cause my 2 very very very good+nice course mates AKA housemates!!!
They forced me to accompany them to Steven for FIFA*Spain vs Honduras* again.

After the match they came here*WCG Cybercafe* for dota!! SHIT!!! i HATE dota!!!
I'm really sleepy!!

Nothing i can do here!!
sleep how!!?
Everyone is shouting from left to right, front to back also voice!!
Also rude words flying everywhere!!
At least there one fellow also bored!! And he sitting next to me! hhahahaahah~~~~

*Catherine i suddenly very very MISS u~!!! PLEASE BUY ME LV OR GUCCI FROM UK BEFORE YOU COME BACK*

Sunday, June 20, 2010 FEVER!!?

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Look like recently very famous!?
i can see their adverts everywhere!! hahahah~~
It can help us earn some extro income, just by clicking it only~
So im here intro-ing YouthSay to everyone^^
Click here! to know more~!!

And below is some campaign i supporting~~
hope you guys will support too!! click in the name to read more, maybe you will have interest to~

DENTYNE-LIKE DANCE!? click in have a look!!


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Yesterday, when out with my cute Kitty. When to Sunway to treat him movie and he will treat me lunch as what we have bet before this. [Ya, i mention *him* and *he*, can't a guy have a girlish cute name!? =P]
When to IOI Mall fetched him and ZOOM we go Sunway, yesterday Sunway was so crowded especially cinema, usually i when there for movie i did not need to queue up but yesterday i have to queue for 20minute to buy tickets. So we despair to queue, cause really damn long!!=="
So we when for lunch at Ichiban Ramen!! i LOVE their Kimuchi ramen^^~ Than, when for a walk also SHOPPING!! i spended RM100 for 2Polo T[FOS] and a pair of white shoe[Shoe Obsession]. I still not enough, it can't really satisfy my shopping fever yet!! *look like i need to spend all my money only can satisfy*=="
After shopping nothing to do, so when back to cinema bought 6.50pm movie*We watch Killer, quite nice* then when to Kim Gary for tea^^. i LOVE cheese!!!Mushroom bake cheese very YuMmY!!!

I'm bored to dead now!! nothing to do!! Wanted to date Christina[sis] to shopping but she when out with boyfriend. Date Lili, but she at Bukit Tinggi with family. Dar, work. Nix & Nel[both bro] when out before i wake. Now only can wait for dinner with family for Father's Day~TT *sad*
#Or maybe later go Jusco to buy something^^3#

Saturday, June 19, 2010


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If you always came to my BLOGGIE you sure know that i recently look very busy and did not upload my blog often!! Ya~I'm quite busy with my college assignment but it wasn't my main reason not updating my blog, and I'm a person who can abandon my study for blogging!! *shhh*
Main problem is my Condo still don't have port, so can't register streamyx!!! No Internet i can't update my blog more often!! *sad*

Recently at Setapak also late sleep!! Thank to Feng and Lian!!==" Force me out for tea at night!! Last night when to Tenji for supper as a celebration if getting our PTPTN loan!! *funny*
When the use 1hours++ cause nobody know how to go and we keep turn to the same road for at least 4times!! Back used 20minutes!! *TERRIBLE*
Quite funny having a nice dinner with Feng,Lian and Vicky^^ *photo is with the guys*

After Tenji, wanted to go for night basketball, but too bad can't find a court!! So cancel and when to Steven for FIFA match *France vs Mexico* DISAPPOINTED!! Thought France going to win, i even bet with Kitty and i lose a movie ticket to him!!

Assignment started to make me headache!! Damn hard!! And I'm so so so lazy to do!! Some i don't even know what to do with it!!=="

This season is FOOTBALL FEVER~FIFA World Cup~!! Everyone look very very excited, they made me excited too. I don't understand why they so excited about, but now i got my answer!! Some excited about the result of the match, some really wanted to support their favourite team and some wanted to see the football star*David Beckham?* especially the lady. Lastly, it also some people make it as a money source*gamble*, most of my friends was so into FIFA, every night when out to watch the match without sleep!! Even they lose for several time, still they continue gamble.
##Anyway, it is 4years once. Hope everyone is enjoying the FIFA match^^~ Gamble a bit is okay, but not too over.##

Sunday, June 13, 2010


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This post suppose to post 2 or 3month ago, but i forgot to post it~^^"
This is the day Catherine when to UK for her degree
Picture not many~~ lazy type many^^
Me and Christina posing~xD

The thing Catherine and Tommy [her boyfriend] bring so many!!

Me in the toilet~haha

This picture look interesting~haha
3 of us so long didn't take picture together^^

Waiting Catherine back she soon coming home with my SOUVENIR!! hahahaa
postes on 24 August 2010


8:35 PM 2
HELLO~~~my Friends, Blogger, Follower or whoever you are!! hahah~~ I'M BACK^^
I did not update my blog for 1week. I also can remember what i did this whole week except assignments, college or Practical exercises.
Also watch movie with U4 kia. The latest was Karate Kids, it is funny and nice!!!
"Xiao Dre, COME HERE!! Pick up your jacket, wear it, take off and hang it *WITH ATTITUDE*" REALLY FUNNY!!! hahaha
The A-Team also nice movie!! excited and funny!!hahah~~ i love when B.A go on plane!! and also the way Murdock flight the helicopter *360 degree turning on air*

This is what i wanted to post quite long ago, but no chance!!==" Now i got the chance, and before i forgot. This is what i see on my Facebook news feed!! all this F***KING B*T*H face, every time i open sure saw her face~!! She damn like spamming on feed!! damn brainless, she wanted to attract who to look at her it is!?
This is FFS an application from Facebook. *Okay, i know I'm maybe a bit childish to say what i wanted to say next* This fellow scammed me 1Billion in FFS!! i hate him!! Because he told me to raise him and promise his owner will buy him back for SURE!! Now he still stuck in my pet list also STUCK my cash!! and HE IGNORE MY MESSAGES!!! He NO PLAYING WITH ATTITUDE LO!!! Don't understand why got people who play FB game till like this!! STUPID!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


5:38 PM 2
I'm lazy to Blogging after pass the blogging mood~!! isk..isk~~
when the mood come no Internet!!! STUPID PV12!!!!
and today i wake at 8am for dim sum with U4 kia than start photography assignment!! till 2pm!! damn tiring~!! i will update my blog again tonight or tomorrow!? ^^

Saturday, June 5, 2010


12:42 AM 6
Okay~ WARNING!!!
before you guys start to read this post, PLEASE leave if you worry it will hurt your eyes or don't blame me if you can't sleep cause of nightmare!! Because below is some photography and some vain photo of myself!!! ^^"hahahah~~~

Above is photography by me using my lovely Nikon D70, but i still not that good with it!!==" some was taken using hand phone[my vain photo] and some taken by my friends^^ thanks to them. Ya~i LOVE taken photo, where ever i go i Will just snap snap snap using D70 if i bring "him" out or just use my hand phone==" I can taken about 30photo a day just only my vain photo!!heheheh^^"
I just very very into photography, because capturing every single moment is to keep it so i won't forget. Most people liks to take picture right!? Don't tell me you don't~!!=="

Just now when I'm blog hoping and i found 2 photographer photography, it quite nice. Have a look.

#1. Daniel Zain

#2. Robin Ng

I really like Daniel Zain photography of family portraiture.

Wao~it already 1.15am!! should go back now!! *I'm online at cafe*
nighty night bloggers and friends~^^
Remember follow me or leave me a comment i will visit back~
and nang me~

Friday, June 4, 2010


10:59 PM 3
Yesterday, i read a article about BHP kiosk at Cheras now they should be very famous.

At Cheras happen a car accident, a girl trapped in her Myvi and shouted for "TOLONG"[HELP] a pass byer Teo Chai Yong heard and rushed to a near by BHP kiosk to lend a fire extinguisher but the attendants would not lend the fire extinguisher or in other way of saying they actually scare they will be rob. So the frustrated guy request to buy the fire extinguisher and also give out his identity card to exchange with the fire extinguisher but the attendants stil refuse to open the door. Teo Chai Yong when back to the scene, but it already burn up and he can't help, only standing there listening the girl screaming.
*this summary made by Ms.Caroline.Lzt it may be different from the original 1*^^"
* The Star [Student Dies After Kiosk Workers Refuse To Help]
* MSN News [Woman Burned Alive After Kiosk Workers Refuse To Lend Fire Extinguisher]
* Facebook [The Guy Who Refuse By the Attendant]

Most peoples was very angry and scold this and that and blamed to both of the attendants. Ya~me too. I personally blamed them as well, if they have lended Teo the fire extinguisher the girl won't die.
But don't only think about that, cause if you were one of the attendant u also may not open the door. They worry they will be rob, cause nowadays many robbery happen at midnight and victim was the 24hours petrol station. And they said the attendants have been a victim of robberies before. they could still suffer from the trauma of being robbed.if theres anyone to be blame, its the Vios driver who cause the accident.

Don't wish this tragedy will happen, but already happen what can we do!? Just drive safely on road, think of other driver and yourself.
And hope all petrol station will put 2 or 3 fire extinguishers outside the kiosk. So nothing like this happen again.

**RIP for the girl**

The Star question:: Should all vehicle owners be required under the law to purchase a fire extinguisher?! what do you thing!?


9:49 PM 0
I really bored with my life here!! No Internet at home, have to come down alone to online. No Internet mean can't do research = no need to do assignment!! When to school early and back late. PV12 condo really look creepy not many people!! and i really don't know what the hell the admin have done!! the lift still effing creepy!! then door to the park basement is locked made me have to go up and down just to find my way to the my car. The guard all look so new, know nothing about the condo asked them question they only know "go to admin office" or showing the blur face!!==" *claps* *claps*

At here i have to eat alone also!! E always eat with his friends, F and K always go find girlfriends and go cyber after dinner=="
And i thought after i came here i will sleep early since there o Internet connection but still, i sleep late!! 1st, cause rush assignment. 2nd, my housemate F and K always disturb me after they back from cyber Cafe!!==" 3rd, i just can't sleep. Don't ask me why!! Because i also don't know why. Maybe cause I usually sleep with my sis, now i have to sleep alone or maybe i scare to sleep alone!! TT

Today when i only when to school for 30minute class==" Because i can't wake!! i forgot to set alarm yesterday night!! i missed 1st class 8am-10am and second class 11am-1pm. Then 2pm when for "breakfast" with K and F. 3pm when to Pavilion with Tris, Ron and Yiiz. window shopping cause no money!! when to Forever 21 and Cotton On!! DAMN many stuff i wanted to BUY!!! wait SALARY and PTPTN loan!! wait for me. Cotton On having many price down!! New stocking coming IN!!! i have to invite Chris for shopping if she have money=="

Okay~~I think Feedjit have a new look for the Live Traffic Feed. My Feedjit look weird!! haahaha~ is your's too!? i likt the old look MORE~!! Maybe not use to the new lo==" and fon't forget to click my advs~^^ Follow me, i will do the same to you. Remenber live me a message at my Cbox before leaving, so i can visit back~~


Thursday, June 3, 2010


6:38 PM 0
Still the same, even started 2nd year of DML!! no money, assignment many, need money for assignments. The worst, is classes start early end late!! *tiring*
Just done my 1st assignment flip animation, although not as good as other but it got the meaning inside, wait i success flipping perfectly will upload show all of yoU~^^

Today when for Ms Teh class and she called us to made 3D model any character by using Plasticine. I HATE Plasticine, cause hand very dirty and smelly after play!! But very seen very enjoy, got Mc Deluxe, dumpling, Monster, toilet bowl many more. I made a sexy princess but look not as what i expected!! damn UGLY la!! Ms Teh say "she" look fat cause no neck!! hahaha~
After class when to see Mr Tan to take back my 2nd Sem photography assignment and he chooses my 8 pieces from 12 pieces. He even took my "Model photo" i hope he will return back to me!! although i really hope to see my picture is posting at the V block board!! hahaha

Now having my "breakfast"[1st meal for today] at 9's Cafe, while WIFI-ing too. I still haven got my line at PV12, hope can get it FAST!! Really need Internet for assignment reseacrh, freelance request and many other thing. Truly HATE 9's cafe, cause got flies keep bugging me!! flying here and there!!! food/beverage normal not very special and not disgusting~haha. My chicken got a small piece of plastic in it=="

OMG the Napei-StudyMalaysia photography contest result already out! And i damn SHOCK!!!! Because can't believe the 2nd and 3rd prize go to those photo!! Never, cause i lost to them by not enough friends!!=="

Before logging off, LOOK at this PICTURE~!! LIM DAO XIANG~!! Your restaurant ar!! hahaha