Saturday, June 19, 2010



If you always came to my BLOGGIE you sure know that i recently look very busy and did not upload my blog often!! Ya~I'm quite busy with my college assignment but it wasn't my main reason not updating my blog, and I'm a person who can abandon my study for blogging!! *shhh*
Main problem is my Condo still don't have port, so can't register streamyx!!! No Internet i can't update my blog more often!! *sad*

Recently at Setapak also late sleep!! Thank to Feng and Lian!!==" Force me out for tea at night!! Last night when to Tenji for supper as a celebration if getting our PTPTN loan!! *funny*
When the use 1hours++ cause nobody know how to go and we keep turn to the same road for at least 4times!! Back used 20minutes!! *TERRIBLE*
Quite funny having a nice dinner with Feng,Lian and Vicky^^ *photo is with the guys*

After Tenji, wanted to go for night basketball, but too bad can't find a court!! So cancel and when to Steven for FIFA match *France vs Mexico* DISAPPOINTED!! Thought France going to win, i even bet with Kitty and i lose a movie ticket to him!!

Assignment started to make me headache!! Damn hard!! And I'm so so so lazy to do!! Some i don't even know what to do with it!!=="

This season is FOOTBALL FEVER~FIFA World Cup~!! Everyone look very very excited, they made me excited too. I don't understand why they so excited about, but now i got my answer!! Some excited about the result of the match, some really wanted to support their favourite team and some wanted to see the football star*David Beckham?* especially the lady. Lastly, it also some people make it as a money source*gamble*, most of my friends was so into FIFA, every night when out to watch the match without sleep!! Even they lose for several time, still they continue gamble.
##Anyway, it is 4years once. Hope everyone is enjoying the FIFA match^^~ Gamble a bit is okay, but not too over.##

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