Friday, June 4, 2010



Yesterday, i read a article about BHP kiosk at Cheras now they should be very famous.

At Cheras happen a car accident, a girl trapped in her Myvi and shouted for "TOLONG"[HELP] a pass byer Teo Chai Yong heard and rushed to a near by BHP kiosk to lend a fire extinguisher but the attendants would not lend the fire extinguisher or in other way of saying they actually scare they will be rob. So the frustrated guy request to buy the fire extinguisher and also give out his identity card to exchange with the fire extinguisher but the attendants stil refuse to open the door. Teo Chai Yong when back to the scene, but it already burn up and he can't help, only standing there listening the girl screaming.
*this summary made by Ms.Caroline.Lzt it may be different from the original 1*^^"
* The Star [Student Dies After Kiosk Workers Refuse To Help]
* MSN News [Woman Burned Alive After Kiosk Workers Refuse To Lend Fire Extinguisher]
* Facebook [The Guy Who Refuse By the Attendant]

Most peoples was very angry and scold this and that and blamed to both of the attendants. Ya~me too. I personally blamed them as well, if they have lended Teo the fire extinguisher the girl won't die.
But don't only think about that, cause if you were one of the attendant u also may not open the door. They worry they will be rob, cause nowadays many robbery happen at midnight and victim was the 24hours petrol station. And they said the attendants have been a victim of robberies before. they could still suffer from the trauma of being robbed.if theres anyone to be blame, its the Vios driver who cause the accident.

Don't wish this tragedy will happen, but already happen what can we do!? Just drive safely on road, think of other driver and yourself.
And hope all petrol station will put 2 or 3 fire extinguishers outside the kiosk. So nothing like this happen again.

**RIP for the girl**

The Star question:: Should all vehicle owners be required under the law to purchase a fire extinguisher?! what do you thing!?


kenwooi said...

a unfortunate event =/

John said...

1 - blame the driver who cause the accident.

2 - blame Malaysia police for not able to provide a more secure place to the people.

3 - blame BN for failing to make everybody a rich man so that none will have to robe and steal.

only after that...

you blame the workers who were just trying to protect themselves from a angry person who did not manage to express and communicate well.

Carolinelzt said...

kenwooi~ya it is~=(
john~LOL~~quite agree with u!! haha