Sunday, June 13, 2010



HELLO~~~my Friends, Blogger, Follower or whoever you are!! hahah~~ I'M BACK^^
I did not update my blog for 1week. I also can remember what i did this whole week except assignments, college or Practical exercises.
Also watch movie with U4 kia. The latest was Karate Kids, it is funny and nice!!!
"Xiao Dre, COME HERE!! Pick up your jacket, wear it, take off and hang it *WITH ATTITUDE*" REALLY FUNNY!!! hahaha
The A-Team also nice movie!! excited and funny!!hahah~~ i love when B.A go on plane!! and also the way Murdock flight the helicopter *360 degree turning on air*

This is what i wanted to post quite long ago, but no chance!!==" Now i got the chance, and before i forgot. This is what i see on my Facebook news feed!! all this F***KING B*T*H face, every time i open sure saw her face~!! She damn like spamming on feed!! damn brainless, she wanted to attract who to look at her it is!?
This is FFS an application from Facebook. *Okay, i know I'm maybe a bit childish to say what i wanted to say next* This fellow scammed me 1Billion in FFS!! i hate him!! Because he told me to raise him and promise his owner will buy him back for SURE!! Now he still stuck in my pet list also STUCK my cash!! and HE IGNORE MY MESSAGES!!! He NO PLAYING WITH ATTITUDE LO!!! Don't understand why got people who play FB game till like this!! STUPID!!


kenwooi said...

i havent watched the 2 movies you listed! soon! =)

Carolinelzt said...

hahah~~fast fast go watch!! quite nice!! my friends very update of movie!! new movie sure call me=="