Friday, June 25, 2010


Life Is Complicated

Oh well~~using my housemate broadband again, cause he not around!!hahaha~
I'm tired and also bored facing my assignment!!=="
What life have to do so many thing to succes or get what we want.

Sometime really don't understand what others thinking.
Hard to understand peoples just by asking them will understand!?, do you think they will say out what every they really feel.
Can't trust even know someone for 10years. 10years is long but you sure you really know them well, because you guys are friends for 10years!?

Choosing a right partner is hard, peoples nowadays only think of look and appreance or money.
Who care if you really treat them good!?
Or have suffer for them!? You told them before!?
Even u told them the true, they also won't fully believe you.
Sometime you treat someone very good and hope to get some respect from them, it really quite hard.

Life really unfair, thats why every people with good look don't apprieciate it much.
People with good brain but go rob bank, sell fish at night market instead of sitting in an office with aic-conditioner, because they are LAZY~!!

My housemate is back!! and they damn annoying!!!


"I" the writer said...

Ya, now a days people suck! Even though you are freaking nice, they will take advantage of you.

"I" am guessing that this post is dedicated to ur "beloved" house-mate uh hahahaha ;)

Carolinelzt said...

LOL~ya nowadays hard to believe anyone even best friend!!

no la~~not saying them!! the last sentence purposely type out show them!! cause they vry annoy every night came home=="

"I" the writer said...

Every night came home & make noise? drunk? Hmmm...kinda tough, having these kinda housemates huh.

Good luck anyway ;)

Carolinelzt said...

hahah~nt drunk just love to ply around cause all vry playful!!
actually quite funny hving them as hsemate~

blaze_jason said...

Of coz life is unfair. U are not the worse 1 yet. Do something to make your world fair again, dont juz sit there and write bout it.

Carolinelzt said...

hahaha~can't very hard to do so!! Cause some was friend!! if want fair maybe friend also bo liao~><