Sunday, June 20, 2010



Yesterday, when out with my cute Kitty. When to Sunway to treat him movie and he will treat me lunch as what we have bet before this. [Ya, i mention *him* and *he*, can't a guy have a girlish cute name!? =P]
When to IOI Mall fetched him and ZOOM we go Sunway, yesterday Sunway was so crowded especially cinema, usually i when there for movie i did not need to queue up but yesterday i have to queue for 20minute to buy tickets. So we despair to queue, cause really damn long!!=="
So we when for lunch at Ichiban Ramen!! i LOVE their Kimuchi ramen^^~ Than, when for a walk also SHOPPING!! i spended RM100 for 2Polo T[FOS] and a pair of white shoe[Shoe Obsession]. I still not enough, it can't really satisfy my shopping fever yet!! *look like i need to spend all my money only can satisfy*=="
After shopping nothing to do, so when back to cinema bought 6.50pm movie*We watch Killer, quite nice* then when to Kim Gary for tea^^. i LOVE cheese!!!Mushroom bake cheese very YuMmY!!!

I'm bored to dead now!! nothing to do!! Wanted to date Christina[sis] to shopping but she when out with boyfriend. Date Lili, but she at Bukit Tinggi with family. Dar, work. Nix & Nel[both bro] when out before i wake. Now only can wait for dinner with family for Father's Day~TT *sad*
#Or maybe later go Jusco to buy something^^3#

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