Saturday, June 5, 2010



Okay~ WARNING!!!
before you guys start to read this post, PLEASE leave if you worry it will hurt your eyes or don't blame me if you can't sleep cause of nightmare!! Because below is some photography and some vain photo of myself!!! ^^"hahahah~~~

Above is photography by me using my lovely Nikon D70, but i still not that good with it!!==" some was taken using hand phone[my vain photo] and some taken by my friends^^ thanks to them. Ya~i LOVE taken photo, where ever i go i Will just snap snap snap using D70 if i bring "him" out or just use my hand phone==" I can taken about 30photo a day just only my vain photo!!heheheh^^"
I just very very into photography, because capturing every single moment is to keep it so i won't forget. Most people liks to take picture right!? Don't tell me you don't~!!=="

Just now when I'm blog hoping and i found 2 photographer photography, it quite nice. Have a look.

#1. Daniel Zain

#2. Robin Ng

I really like Daniel Zain photography of family portraiture.

Wao~it already 1.15am!! should go back now!! *I'm online at cafe*
nighty night bloggers and friends~^^
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and nang me~


kenwooi said...

i like taking photos too.. but not at myself.. more of what's around me =P

Carolinelzt said...

LOL~but i like to take myself more!! hahahaha

Jack Ng said...

nice picture ! :D keep up wit ur good work ya ;D

Carolinelzt said...

^^ thank!! i willl~~~

Carolinelzt said...
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The Most Popular Person Now said...

very great pictures...