Friday, June 4, 2010



I really bored with my life here!! No Internet at home, have to come down alone to online. No Internet mean can't do research = no need to do assignment!! When to school early and back late. PV12 condo really look creepy not many people!! and i really don't know what the hell the admin have done!! the lift still effing creepy!! then door to the park basement is locked made me have to go up and down just to find my way to the my car. The guard all look so new, know nothing about the condo asked them question they only know "go to admin office" or showing the blur face!!==" *claps* *claps*

At here i have to eat alone also!! E always eat with his friends, F and K always go find girlfriends and go cyber after dinner=="
And i thought after i came here i will sleep early since there o Internet connection but still, i sleep late!! 1st, cause rush assignment. 2nd, my housemate F and K always disturb me after they back from cyber Cafe!!==" 3rd, i just can't sleep. Don't ask me why!! Because i also don't know why. Maybe cause I usually sleep with my sis, now i have to sleep alone or maybe i scare to sleep alone!! TT

Today when i only when to school for 30minute class==" Because i can't wake!! i forgot to set alarm yesterday night!! i missed 1st class 8am-10am and second class 11am-1pm. Then 2pm when for "breakfast" with K and F. 3pm when to Pavilion with Tris, Ron and Yiiz. window shopping cause no money!! when to Forever 21 and Cotton On!! DAMN many stuff i wanted to BUY!!! wait SALARY and PTPTN loan!! wait for me. Cotton On having many price down!! New stocking coming IN!!! i have to invite Chris for shopping if she have money=="

Okay~~I think Feedjit have a new look for the Live Traffic Feed. My Feedjit look weird!! haahaha~ is your's too!? i likt the old look MORE~!! Maybe not use to the new lo==" and fon't forget to click my advs~^^ Follow me, i will do the same to you. Remenber live me a message at my Cbox before leaving, so i can visit back~~

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