Tuesday, June 22, 2010




#Because Assignment!?

i also hope so at least i done something!!

NO~!! I recently lack of sleep not insomnia-ing!! also hope i won't insomnia again!!

Final still far away~!!

I DAMN WISH THAT THIS IS A JOB!! At least got income!!

Erm~~ half correct!=="

Still got what reason to make me sleepless at this hour!?
Cause my 2 very very very good+nice course mates AKA housemates!!!
They forced me to accompany them to Steven for FIFA*Spain vs Honduras* again.

After the match they came here*WCG Cybercafe* for dota!! SHIT!!! i HATE dota!!!
I'm really sleepy!!

Nothing i can do here!!
sleep how!!?
Everyone is shouting from left to right, front to back also voice!!
Also rude words flying everywhere!!
At least there one fellow also bored!! And he sitting next to me! hhahahaahah~~~~

*Catherine i suddenly very very MISS u~!!! PLEASE BUY ME LV OR GUCCI FROM UK BEFORE YOU COME BACK*

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