Thursday, June 3, 2010



Still the same, even started 2nd year of DML!! no money, assignment many, need money for assignments. The worst, is classes start early end late!! *tiring*
Just done my 1st assignment flip animation, although not as good as other but it got the meaning inside, wait i success flipping perfectly will upload show all of yoU~^^

Today when for Ms Teh class and she called us to made 3D model any character by using Plasticine. I HATE Plasticine, cause hand very dirty and smelly after play!! But very seen very enjoy, got Mc Deluxe, dumpling, Monster, toilet bowl many more. I made a sexy princess but look not as what i expected!! damn UGLY la!! Ms Teh say "she" look fat cause no neck!! hahaha~
After class when to see Mr Tan to take back my 2nd Sem photography assignment and he chooses my 8 pieces from 12 pieces. He even took my "Model photo" i hope he will return back to me!! although i really hope to see my picture is posting at the V block board!! hahaha

Now having my "breakfast"[1st meal for today] at 9's Cafe, while WIFI-ing too. I still haven got my line at PV12, hope can get it FAST!! Really need Internet for assignment reseacrh, freelance request and many other thing. Truly HATE 9's cafe, cause got flies keep bugging me!! flying here and there!!! food/beverage normal not very special and not disgusting~haha. My chicken got a small piece of plastic in it=="

OMG the Napei-StudyMalaysia photography contest result already out! And i damn SHOCK!!!! Because can't believe the 2nd and 3rd prize go to those photo!! Never, cause i lost to them by not enough friends!!=="

Before logging off, LOOK at this PICTURE~!! LIM DAO XIANG~!! Your restaurant ar!! hahaha

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