Friday, July 30, 2010


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Yesterday night was CHOATIC for me=="
and SORRY to all my friends who i gave them trouble!!
and THANK to friends who take care^^"

Just back from Wawasan playing basketball. Tiring^^
Tomorrow maybe going Melaka with my housemate,
they plan to go climb hill and barbeque or go Bar/Pub!!
I don't want go BAR and PUB!!


Tuesday, July 27, 2010


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Again Tris and RonRon is at my house since yesterday. For Assignment, we were slacking most of the time=="
Wasting time, i really damn tired d. My backbone pain again and yesterday headache again!!
Suffering from soretroat which given by my handsome housemates=="

Now wasting time again, planning to go karaoke later. Maybe will not success cause my housemate aka coursemate haven done their assignment=="

i gain fat, HOW!!! i thing i have to restart my diet plan!! And don't stop doing it!! Cause I success than stop doing it end up fat again!! I should have only 2meals per day. Less sugar and oily thingy!! More fruit, yogurt and water. And i planning to go for another dance lesson at Mustang Crew studio, if their time suit my time^^.

I want to work, my account going to dry out of money!! I suffer of water & electric bill, groucery, assignment payment, petrol and room rental!!! MONEY!!! i need YOU!!!

I think recently i smilling when i don't meant to. It quite suffering!! And I seriously HATE make up~!!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


11:32 AM 2
I think i only sleeped for 3hour+ only today!! At Setapak condo with my handsome XiaoLangLang and both my Babes TrisTris and RonRon to do Allan flash assignment but end up we only done the main pages!! Effing tiring lo!! Not do assignment tired but server those 3 fellow!! My eyes damn tired!! Stomach pain!! My back more pain=="

2 single beds 4fellow sleep!! XiaoLangLang parents came so his room is full==" I'm too good, letting him to sleep half of my single bed!! Also Thank him lending me his bed!! wahahahahaha

End up all tired of playing around only. Later i have to go Tom's salon to trim my hair, my hair look so ugly right now.

Last Thursday when to Maison with Detoi, Kitty[He a guy], WeiYan gangs and Kelvin friends. It was fun night, it wasn't many people.

Post few photo of Bon Odori^^

Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm Finally Back

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Lol~ seem very long i did not touch my blog!! No internet want blog also can't. Still waiting for TM net people come make us a port!! hope they come very very soon. I'm using my housemate P1 right now also his computer.hahahah~

He always stay at home, waiting for exam. He soon will 'basi'~hahahah

Recent activities::

# Watch FiFa with QWei and his buddy. Know a new friend name SuYing, nice girl^^.

# Movie with Joshua. *Because other classmates watched that movie, except us*

# Movie and Karaoke with LiLi and Bert *very funny situation, we sang till 12am. Bert sis say "wei~where you. I can't sleep without you!"*

# Movie with QWei, he came to find me at Setapak *Zillion thank to him, cause accompany me when I'm in a bad mood*

# When to Time Square with RonRon for Trista present!! *Tris scolded us, thought we skipped class and avoiding her*

# Yesterday when to Maison, for Trista birthday^^ Love her!! Muack~ *Really fun night*

# This morning Photography Presentation *I'm Sorry to my group member because this sem I look no so co-operation with them and MIA when doing assignment + absent for disccusion. I know they hate me much much even they did not speak out i UNDERSTAND the feel of solo and every member got the same mark*

Thursday, July 8, 2010


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I just realize I'm no more Glitterati member of Nuffnang!!==" What actually happen ar!? Not Glitterati member mean no more Innit nuffnang!!

Why they take away my Glitterati member to a normal member==" cause i did not online often!? Or my advs got problem!?=="

Big Mistake

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Yesterday, morning 4am when to Genting with my 2 handsome housemate [Feng & Lien] and a super handsome friend [Bin]. Actually it was simply came out of my mouth but 3 of them so excited. When there for a walk, than find XiaoLang sister. When back around 6.30am, plan to see sunrise before go back but Feng and Lien coming to find them at 8am=="

Got back to home at 7am, and 3 of them fool me and it is terrible!!! Effing angry of them at that moment!! So i locked them outside the house! ^^" Also throw house keys toward them!! Really feel sorry after i wake up and think.

But still I'm very angry when i already know but they still want to lie to me!!=="

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Experience

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Today when to Wholesale City[Near Jalan Pudu and Hang Tuah *if no mistake*] with my sis[Christina] to buy stock for her new open online store. *PLEASE GO VISIT HER BLOG AND FACEBOOK STORE*

Is a first time i when there!! It was full of boutique and wholesale shop!!! It like shopping paradise!! hahahahah
But you can't buy 1 or 2 piece u have to buy wholesale style!! And don't think that wholesale mean cheap!! Actually it was same as normal price. Now i realize why some people increase selling price to so high=="

Christina spend quite many for her online store, hope she can success^^!! It was tiring just walking around that place to look for good and quality clothes!! My sis say she have to find GOOD clothe with good quality and cheap price so she can give her customer the lowest price!!! We walk from head to tail, tail to top but can't find suitable clothes!! EFFING tired!! And some of the promoter damn arrogant look!! Their face more arrogant than those LV, Gucci, Dunhill and other branded promoter!!=="

Before when for shop, my future brother in law[David] told my sis
"You don't go in and ask stupid question"
Damn funny!!! hahaha~~
After walking for few hour all shop started to close. All shop close at 6pm, according to Dav that, that place very dangerous after 6pm=="

Have dinner at near by hawker stall, which is a road which have many food stall. The food quite nice^^ and the fried chicken there is damn KFC lo!! got chance should go there again!! I have dinner very early for 2 days!! hahah~~ NOW HUNGRY AGAIN!!

Later FIFA semi-final, now wasting time at WCG==" SIEN!!!! PLEASE DO VISIT MY SIS ONLINE STORE!!! I have her listed at my dearest!!^^ *SHE WANT ME TO SPREAD ANS SPAM IT LIKE VIRUS!!*

Sunday, July 4, 2010


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Wao~long time didn't online. Because place i live no internet==" *stupid condo*. So long did not update my blog, can't even think of thing to write~hahahah!! But recent i getting fat!!! Have to eat less DIET, although kinda hard for me!!! Last week when to Tenji again with my classmate!! 21pax all totally is Rm1k+++!! really having fun with them^^. LOVE them!!

My housemate all getting sick included me==" SORETROAT and COUGH!! Assignment is non stop doing, but lucky most of it was group assignment!!

Yesterday when to Junor 21st Birthday party and missed the
Germany vs Argentina match!! I meet Ah Han there and just knew he and Junor was classmate!! I also meet most of my secondary senior there^^ quite miss the time we go 24season drum together!! Having perform, playing stupid stuff in the bus and training also being punish for mistake!!hahahah *miss secondary time*

Recently, my sis[Christina] make a online store!! So please support her!! Blongie-licious her BLOG store and Blong Ling Her FACEBOOK store.
If want to buy new clothes come and have a look at her blog!! Or find me who. Who have my contact just sms me^^!!
Yap~Usher is coming to Malaysia on 7 July 2010 at Bukit Jahil~!!
Too bad i'm not his fans!!hahaha
But i have ticket to sell here~ cheap sales!!
#Standing Rock Zone 2 tickets (Blue Zone) for only RM480, Original price is rm348 each. This coming Wednesday!!
view the place here~~

If interest please contact this number #016-9067652 or #017-6761075