Tuesday, July 27, 2010



Again Tris and RonRon is at my house since yesterday. For Assignment, we were slacking most of the time=="
Wasting time, i really damn tired d. My backbone pain again and yesterday headache again!!
Suffering from soretroat which given by my handsome housemates=="

Now wasting time again, planning to go karaoke later. Maybe will not success cause my housemate aka coursemate haven done their assignment=="

i gain fat, HOW!!! i thing i have to restart my diet plan!! And don't stop doing it!! Cause I success than stop doing it end up fat again!! I should have only 2meals per day. Less sugar and oily thingy!! More fruit, yogurt and water. And i planning to go for another dance lesson at Mustang Crew studio, if their time suit my time^^.

I want to work, my account going to dry out of money!! I suffer of water & electric bill, groucery, assignment payment, petrol and room rental!!! MONEY!!! i need YOU!!!

I think recently i smilling when i don't meant to. It quite suffering!! And I seriously HATE make up~!!!

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