Thursday, July 8, 2010


Big Mistake

Yesterday, morning 4am when to Genting with my 2 handsome housemate [Feng & Lien] and a super handsome friend [Bin]. Actually it was simply came out of my mouth but 3 of them so excited. When there for a walk, than find XiaoLang sister. When back around 6.30am, plan to see sunrise before go back but Feng and Lien coming to find them at 8am=="

Got back to home at 7am, and 3 of them fool me and it is terrible!!! Effing angry of them at that moment!! So i locked them outside the house! ^^" Also throw house keys toward them!! Really feel sorry after i wake up and think.

But still I'm very angry when i already know but they still want to lie to me!!=="

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