Saturday, July 24, 2010



I think i only sleeped for 3hour+ only today!! At Setapak condo with my handsome XiaoLangLang and both my Babes TrisTris and RonRon to do Allan flash assignment but end up we only done the main pages!! Effing tiring lo!! Not do assignment tired but server those 3 fellow!! My eyes damn tired!! Stomach pain!! My back more pain=="

2 single beds 4fellow sleep!! XiaoLangLang parents came so his room is full==" I'm too good, letting him to sleep half of my single bed!! Also Thank him lending me his bed!! wahahahahaha

End up all tired of playing around only. Later i have to go Tom's salon to trim my hair, my hair look so ugly right now.

Last Thursday when to Maison with Detoi, Kitty[He a guy], WeiYan gangs and Kelvin friends. It was fun night, it wasn't many people.

Post few photo of Bon Odori^^


jfook said...

I was there too!

Carolinelzt said...

lol~many ppl go to bon odori!! xD