Sunday, July 4, 2010



Wao~long time didn't online. Because place i live no internet==" *stupid condo*. So long did not update my blog, can't even think of thing to write~hahahah!! But recent i getting fat!!! Have to eat less DIET, although kinda hard for me!!! Last week when to Tenji again with my classmate!! 21pax all totally is Rm1k+++!! really having fun with them^^. LOVE them!!

My housemate all getting sick included me==" SORETROAT and COUGH!! Assignment is non stop doing, but lucky most of it was group assignment!!

Yesterday when to Junor 21st Birthday party and missed the
Germany vs Argentina match!! I meet Ah Han there and just knew he and Junor was classmate!! I also meet most of my secondary senior there^^ quite miss the time we go 24season drum together!! Having perform, playing stupid stuff in the bus and training also being punish for mistake!!hahahah *miss secondary time*

Recently, my sis[Christina] make a online store!! So please support her!! Blongie-licious her BLOG store and Blong Ling Her FACEBOOK store.
If want to buy new clothes come and have a look at her blog!! Or find me who. Who have my contact just sms me^^!!
Yap~Usher is coming to Malaysia on 7 July 2010 at Bukit Jahil~!!
Too bad i'm not his fans!!hahaha
But i have ticket to sell here~ cheap sales!!
#Standing Rock Zone 2 tickets (Blue Zone) for only RM480, Original price is rm348 each. This coming Wednesday!!
view the place here~~

If interest please contact this number #016-9067652 or #017-6761075

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