Friday, July 16, 2010


I'm Finally Back

Lol~ seem very long i did not touch my blog!! No internet want blog also can't. Still waiting for TM net people come make us a port!! hope they come very very soon. I'm using my housemate P1 right now also his computer.hahahah~

He always stay at home, waiting for exam. He soon will 'basi'~hahahah

Recent activities::

# Watch FiFa with QWei and his buddy. Know a new friend name SuYing, nice girl^^.

# Movie with Joshua. *Because other classmates watched that movie, except us*

# Movie and Karaoke with LiLi and Bert *very funny situation, we sang till 12am. Bert sis say "wei~where you. I can't sleep without you!"*

# Movie with QWei, he came to find me at Setapak *Zillion thank to him, cause accompany me when I'm in a bad mood*

# When to Time Square with RonRon for Trista present!! *Tris scolded us, thought we skipped class and avoiding her*

# Yesterday when to Maison, for Trista birthday^^ Love her!! Muack~ *Really fun night*

# This morning Photography Presentation *I'm Sorry to my group member because this sem I look no so co-operation with them and MIA when doing assignment + absent for disccusion. I know they hate me much much even they did not speak out i UNDERSTAND the feel of solo and every member got the same mark*

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