Wednesday, July 7, 2010


New Experience

Today when to Wholesale City[Near Jalan Pudu and Hang Tuah *if no mistake*] with my sis[Christina] to buy stock for her new open online store. *PLEASE GO VISIT HER BLOG AND FACEBOOK STORE*

Is a first time i when there!! It was full of boutique and wholesale shop!!! It like shopping paradise!! hahahahah
But you can't buy 1 or 2 piece u have to buy wholesale style!! And don't think that wholesale mean cheap!! Actually it was same as normal price. Now i realize why some people increase selling price to so high=="

Christina spend quite many for her online store, hope she can success^^!! It was tiring just walking around that place to look for good and quality clothes!! My sis say she have to find GOOD clothe with good quality and cheap price so she can give her customer the lowest price!!! We walk from head to tail, tail to top but can't find suitable clothes!! EFFING tired!! And some of the promoter damn arrogant look!! Their face more arrogant than those LV, Gucci, Dunhill and other branded promoter!!=="

Before when for shop, my future brother in law[David] told my sis
"You don't go in and ask stupid question"
Damn funny!!! hahaha~~
After walking for few hour all shop started to close. All shop close at 6pm, according to Dav that, that place very dangerous after 6pm=="

Have dinner at near by hawker stall, which is a road which have many food stall. The food quite nice^^ and the fried chicken there is damn KFC lo!! got chance should go there again!! I have dinner very early for 2 days!! hahah~~ NOW HUNGRY AGAIN!!

Later FIFA semi-final, now wasting time at WCG==" SIEN!!!! PLEASE DO VISIT MY SIS ONLINE STORE!!! I have her listed at my dearest!!^^ *SHE WANT ME TO SPREAD ANS SPAM IT LIKE VIRUS!!*

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