Tuesday, August 31, 2010

30KM Marathon!?

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Okay~I'm back^^
I work since Friday till Sunday, at Bandar Puteri Giant Hypermarket. Guess what i work!! Runner!? No~ I work as Promoter for EnfaGrow milk powder.

Ah dear~ Herng

Below is Ivan, our leader.
Ying and the cute friendly kids^^
Me and her~^^
This time no need sales, only need attract kids to come to our booth than their parents will pass to other colleague. It sound fun right!? Biiii~~~~ Your are so WRONG!! It tiring, especially playing or teaching those shy shy kids. It look like I'm the one who was playing the game and talking to myself==" Because they don't give any response. Some kids very cute they are very very friendly and not scare to talk with us, but still tiring to play with them. Because they are too too naughty=="

The tired part wasn't there, it was they are kids and their are shorter than us so we have to squat down n up when talk with them!! my knee and waist is so pain!! Other than that, we have to walk around with flyer, gift and balloon on our hands to attract kids. My legs and hands really feel doesn't belong to me anymore. The most worst was, we have to stand there from 10am-10pm except twice break of 40minutes each or teaching the kids!!==" This is why i put my title as 30km marathon, because my legs is so numb after this 3 days work, feel like i have run 30km marathon for this 3days.

But still really enjoy this 3days working with all of them and meeting all those kids. Hope got chance to work with all of them again^^

Before that, Thursday 26 August 2010. It is my Babe's day, which we go karaoke and all was my babe without guys^^
It was long we didn't when out in a gang of Babe only^^
After karaoke when to ice skating. Meet a new friend call Christ *McDonald* funny guy Kei and Ling college friend. Also meet Fei, Jane, Kevin and Ginny there but we didn't play together. Dinner at Wong Kok Restaurant. That day was fun~LOL!!

But at night is SHIT~!! When to Maison, I'm so regret promise to accompany Jing!! Because she and Jenny bring their boyfriend too. It was so bored!! I just sit there wait the time pass fast=="

By the way, it already 2.55am here. So it is officially 31st August 2010 Merdeka for Malaysian!! National's day. But it look so meaningless to celebrate, because this few days there a news about Siti Inshah the Headmistress, Which i think most of the Malaysian will know about her news, right!? so i can talk less to the detail. She had made most of the Chinese and India citizen angry with what she have said. Even Facebook opened group for her "Jail HER" and "Support HER".

Cause of what she have done, NameWee i think this guy no need me to explain more about him, right!? He is damn famous at Malaysia, if you really don't know him try to Google him. He is really a genius, which Malaysia really have but too bad, Malaysia think we don't need his talent==". I think all Malaysian may know who is he which make him so famous was the song he sang "Negaraku ku" =="

Okay~ back to where i stop. Because of that headmistress Siti Inshah have done, NameWee dislike it so he written a song about her and causing himself *NameWee* some trouble. People had said him Racist/Racism and Government arrested him. In addition, most of the Malaysian wanted him to be kick out of Malaysia "dilucutkan Kerakyatan". This sure got Facebook group too "Lucut Kerakyatan DIA" and "NameWee Officially Page"
This what i call racist~~~ Photo have a look.

Anyway, both is wrong. Don't care, is really late now!!
i have to sleep!! I look old because late sleep!!
Good Night my bloggie visitor~ Sweet dream!!


Saturday, August 28, 2010


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Just a short post.
I working till Sunday~
So will not be replying all my comment as fast as last time^^
1 words to describe the job!!
My legs really numb after i bath=="
All supervisors and clients came for spot check!!
All complained us, Ivan is so pity cause he the leader.
So all blame him, today was his first day of working as a brand ambassador supervisor.
Okay~have to sleep tomorrow 10am-10pm again!!
Probably not~ maybe is 9.30am-1030pm.
Have to sleep now!! If not tomorrow will be a zombie standing there!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vampire Suck-ed

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Woots~ When out again!! I have continuously when out for few days==" my wallet is really empty for now. Back to the main topic, i when to MidValley for movie "Vampire Suck". It is a comedy version of Twilight. For me this movie really not that good as it "SUCK". Not very funny, just few part look funny.
Becca look normal, i still prefer Bella^^ but she really great actress, because she really look like Bella. All her movement and the way she speak.
Edward Sullen look so not handsome for me==" and he look weird~hahaha!! But he really bring out the Edward Cullen style just not as cool as Edward Cullen~haha.
Jacob 'Chiwawa' i don't think he look like Jacob 'Werewolf' at all==" but he look handsome with short hair!! *blush*
Iris Sullen, i dislike her look!! I love Alice Cullen she is so pretty, this Iris totally spoiled her look~==" But Iris got Alice feel~hahah. *not sure it is Alice Cullen, forgot her name actually*
Better stop talking about the movie, later people who haven watch come scold me=="

After movie, when for dinner. My favourite!!! Sushi^^~YumMy yuMmY~!!! But i really full!! Oh My GOD~!! Say about Japanese food remind me my sis Christina when to Tao or Toa a buffet restaurant which located at Damansara. Today her birthday Dav bring her there for dinner. Quite cheap, RM102 for 2pax but it is ala cart. If i got chance have to go for once^^
After dinner, when to Xuan's Cafe for tea with Louis. Today Keith car got problem, maybe this is a good new for him^^ because he can get a new car. hahah

I have changed my bloggie music to "First Love" from Utada Hikaru. Really nice and relax song. Love it^^ Hope all you will LOVE it too~

Happy Birthday to CHRISTINA^^ my Beloved sis~
Photo credit to Google

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


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If you knew me earlier, you should know i FU*KING HATE SPAMMERS!!
Don't care Facebook, Email or Bloggie, all i HATE it!!
I will pissed and start to scold x(
*I'm sorry to show off my anger here, and all my rudeness here*
Even friends spammed my wall i scold!! Sorry to them too.
I freaking HATE this fellow!! He/She is so damn clever!!
SPAMMED my Cbox and linked his/her name with Google.com!! FUCK YOU COWARD!!!
SPAM ME~and not dare to post you link!! Where the HELL is your guts!? Hiding or let dog eat as dinner!!

Anyway, don't waste my time to angry this kind of people!!
I changed my Cbox colour to match with my new look of my Bloggie.
Nice!? haha^^ My favourite color *Red not Pink*

Here another thing to share with all blogger and viewer.
Because recently I'm having semi-semester break~hahaha!!
So i often visit Lowyat Forum, so i found this forum where they discussing about precaution for lady's.

[ Click here to view the dicussion ]
*Some i quite agree with, but some really no point doing so*
There a chatter called Spanker what he/she say quite right.
Especially having a pen in your bag, you will it Handy when it really something bad happen^^
*not cursing*


Pizza LOVER?!

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Today when to Papa Johns, specially for Pizza. hahahah~~
Because today is Tuesday.
When there with Wei, Herng, Bert and Keith.
We knew this from Wei, he when before with his friends.
It really worth, cause it is FREE FLOW Coke and ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT.
I really full after 3pieces of pizza and 3 or more glasses of Coke=="
The price was Rm9.90 but added up with tax and service charge is about rm11.
For me i think it still very worth to lunch at there on Tuesday^^
But the service is so OMG!!
He didn't told us that pizza was beef he just put it onto our plate.
And we waited for so long for pizza=="

So PIZZA LOVER, don't miss the chance~~

All-You-Can-Eat Lunch Buffet
Offer valid for a limited time only
• Adult : Rm9.90
• Children (12 years and below) : Rm7.90

Unlimited serving of Papa John's choice pizza* & free flow coke

* Manager's special, Texas heat, Hawaiian papa, Mexican Ole

Terms & conditions:
1. Offer applicable at Papa John's Pizza restaurant, IOI Mall & Aeon Bukit Tinggi only.
2. Offer applicable for dine-in only.
3. Offer valid on every Tuesday only (except public holiday).
4. Offer applicable between 12noon to 3pm.
5. Price quoted is per person. Strictly no sharing and take-away.
6. Subject to 5% government tax & 10% service charge.
7. Not valid with other promotions and discounts.

Picture and detail credit to~ Food Promotion

Monday, August 23, 2010


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Look familiar to you!? Yeap~~This is my sis online store^^ bLonGie-licious.
She updated her store with more male clothes. Guys don't wait have a look at her blog maybe you will found what you need!! Or you want to buy which kind of clothes just leave me a comment i will tell her^^ [
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Girls no worry, her store have plenty of pretty, cute and sexy female clothes or Dressed. As the same as the guy, what kind of clothes you want but just can't find it leave me a comment i will tell her, she will try her best to find it^^ [
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And 1more latest product in her blog is customize your own necklace. Or finding special gift for your love 1, this may help you~!! The 1 and only necklace or key chain you owe will not bang on the same necklace with other^^ Because it specially made with your name on it!! Check it out here~ [ Clicky here ]

Latest promotion is RAYA Promotion! - 10% DISCOUNT on ALL READY stock product!!
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Don't wait and have a look at her store, you may found something you really want^^

Another Officially 19

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Yeap~another officially 19th~^^
Our Kaikai~ Wish him again, Happy burung-day!!
When to Sunway karaoke and suppose to watch movie but no time.
Jamming while entering basement parking, Sunday always full of people.

After karaoke, toilet is our favour place~hahahah

Than, Dinner at Manhattan Fish Market. So full~ Don't know what so interesting attracted him to watch till so blur=="
Left is KaiKai la~~Birthday Boy!!
Catch ya~ Louis Koh always snap us without telling us!! hahahaha
Going home~Nope!! Started our surprise plan for KaiKai ~~^^ I didn't take any photo for the surprise^^
We planned giving him surprise.
As what we plan is everyone will say tired or parent not allow to go back late so when home after dinner.
Actually we were waiting him to reach home than we bring the cake and stand in front his house~haha

He the one who open the door when we rang the door bell, With half naked and shocked look!! Damn funny look~ Really a tired day.
Mr Wong Chi Qing Thank us la~~We are so tired to move like a thief in front your house~hahah


Saturday, August 21, 2010

1 Down Many to Go

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Today packed many stuff from Setapak to back Puchong for my holiday, i look like RUN AWAY FROM HOME~hahaha. Too many stuff==" Than when to meet Keith and Kelvin for movie at Time Square. 1 down and many to go, another movie i watched "Repo man" after watching that movie i feel so creep. The story is about the world have invented fake organ and selling those organ like car, which can pay monthly like our car and houses==" Which mean after you purchase those expensive fake organ and pay it monthly. If you fail paying it for 3month i think your fake organs will claim back by those Repo men. They will just kill all those people which can't pay for their fake organ legally!! They will just come into your house and put a knife onto your body and reclaim the fake organ!! creepy right!? Imagine from top to toes 30% part of it was robot==" SO HORRIBLE!!!

I'm so bored~ i need job~!! Intro please but please don't intro me those direct sales or marketing investment job!! i HATE IT~=="


Friday, August 20, 2010


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I finally submitted my journal^^. Yeappii~~nothing to do d, no assignment, no classes and no job to work!! I'm bored to die and broke to the ground. I only can sit here online watch movie till 1st September my 1 and only exam subject English exam. How GOOD!!! ngek ngek ngek~~~~~~ But i need a job, i have no income can't shopping even on Mega Sales season!!! Feel like crying!! i always missed this Malaysia once a year sales!!! Please any job i can work!? I need money to shopping and go for trip!!! I'm quite outdated!! I missed many many movie since June==" anyone can download can send me!!

Just now, watched "The Last Airbender" with Alem, Joshua, Jonathan and Alem friend. Very nice and that Sokka look so handsome!! *blush* hahaha~~ That Aang is so cute he look adorable~~ *wa* Sokka sis and the princess is really pretty too!! *ArG*
This movie really nice!! worth to watch!! This movie have cost me Rm20!! It was my most expensive movie and it wasn't Premier or Gold class==" it was 3D digital!! WHY IS IT SO EXPENSIVE!!! Lucky the movie is nice, worth if not i cry inside the hall=="

Yesterday, when dinner with my lovely housemate than when to movie with them and 1 of Lien friend call i also forgot what her name==" but she really is a Pretty girl^^ also is a friendly girl. We watched "The Expandable" it is really nice too. But the fellow sit beside me is spoiling my mood. That fellow is my housemate Feng which sleep almost whole movie==" As he told us earlier he watched before with his girl. Jet Li really so small. Asian people always look so tiny when standing beside White or black people~~hahaha==" This movie cost me RM0 because Lien treat us^^~ Thank you very much!!

Now my life is wake up, have my meal, than wait television got movie or show, online or walking up and down when late night sleep. The next day doing the same thing again. Maybe a bit different, When friends call for tea or for jogging than when out till evening. Oh My GOD~!! I don't want this kind of life. I need a job, part time job!! But i dislike working alone, and i need at least rm80 per day as salary!! I know I'm a bit choosy==" and I'm a BIG WASTER cause i love enjoy my life. I can spend many on food and beverage. I also spend many only my daily outing!! This all was given by my lovely ah pa!! My everything just look like my dad, although i love the way i look like my dad but my financial is totally different from my dad. Can i look like my mom a bit bit. My mom is so so good at saving money!!!

Hope i got a job soon. I need money very very much!!
So fast my 2nd year 1st semester is end, hope new semester coming and not so busy assignment but i think it just won't come true!!
I'm still single, boyfriend still haven got the couple feel yet. Still wanted to play around!!=="
Monk-[ing] having "veggie" now==", my Kelvin bro quit club temporary!! Hope i found mine club bro back!!!
Diet, wasn't success yet. I think i need more hardworking in my diet plan!!

Just now i heard a bad news from my friend, saying that his sis new born baby pass away. Feel sad to heard so.
Life is really fragile, Appreciate life and people around you. Many living want to face this world but have no chance to do so. But people who have chance but did't appreciate at all.


Monday, August 16, 2010

On My Way Of Recover

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I'm almost recover! If you read my previous post you will know i have sick for 1week.
Fever, headache, cough, sore troat, and flu.
I have suffer from headache and can't sleep well!!
Making my family worry i got denggue fever.
Due to my fever keep getting well and coming back again, last Friday i suppose to go for test blood.
But my parent is too busy==" and i recover from fever.

I consuming western medicine and herbal pill=="
1week having medicine as my breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Sick for 1week also made me missed my 2presentation and 1assignment=="
Now i have to done my journal before end of this week!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Most Terrible Happen on ME

5:04 PM 2
Some of you may know i have sick since Monday.
Fever, Headache and serious cough non-stop!!
My fever keep on come and go, come and go=="
my headache is with me the whole day for 2 days continuously.
my cough non stop till now i still cough non stop!!
Yesterday, after i done my Interface Design HTML i forced my housemate LangLang to fetch me to 24hours clinic.
because it already midnight!!

He trying to kill me, i think.
Because he keep drive me to those "klinik pengigian" dentistry or hospital=="
Finally he listen my direction to Genting Klang.
If not i think 3am also haven found a clinic, than i have to go Emergency wad

reason over fever and faint out.

He really is a 大孩子 or a sweet talker, even the aunty nurse he also can flirt and joke.
Anyway, he is a good guys you ever meet^^ just a bit playful.
Yesterday, clinic cost me rm70!! OMG~~~~~ EXPENSIVE!!!
Doctor gave me::

  • 1 big pack of Antibiotic

  • 2 pack of Paracetamol "Panadol"

  • 1 pack of Dexamethasone for itchy troat

  • 1 big bottle of cough liquid medicine

  • 1 bottle of kumur-kumur *mouthwash* no idea what this for=="

below was my medicine!!

I have to consume so many medicine!!
This was my first time consuming so many medicine=="
6 pils and 10ml medicine.
I have wasted 1 Panadol and 2 Antibiotic.
After i consume Panadol and Antibiotic, I vomit and 1 of the Panadol came out together with Antibiotic!!

Lucky that my headache and fever get well!!
if not i really don't know how to survive till this Friday!!
I do assignment with the accompany of all this SICK!! How happy am I!!=="

Nothing will be worst than this!! i think!!!!!!

Nang me~~


Tuesday, August 10, 2010


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Back from Genting trip with Notti Fam, it was fun although we have many trouble about the transport and hotel.
really have a great time with them!! This was my first trip joining them, i always missed Notti Fam trip cause of assignment^^".

Next trip i will sure GO!! So don't miss me out. Although quite tired cause have to wake early take bus and had no enough space for us to sleep, but really enjoy. Because hardly we can trip together due to our busy college life and work time clashing together with each other holidays.

Million thank to Turtle Li for planing everything, FishPo LuJi to buy the tickets for us and PaoPao dad gave us a free hotel room^^"
Really miss the time we playing in Theme park just like a bunch of kids, eating together, gambling in the room and fighting for toilet=="
Hope next trip will well planned as soon as possible!! Teehee
Here some of the photo~^^

After the happy trip, i have to rush my assignment again!! Yesterday Tris and RonRon came my house to overnight again, to finish our Cell Animation & Interface Design. So tired, we work till midnight again. I start to headache at 4am and nap awhile realize I'm having FEVER==".

Wake up this morning, i beat fever but my cough and headache is still accompany me!!==" HOW TERRIBLE, DOING ASSIGNMENT WHEN SICK!!

And now my Fever came back again!! I think "they" Love me very much!!=="

Friday, August 6, 2010

New Face

3:46 AM 2
I finally i have the mood to edit a header Photo for my Bloggie!! With all my beloved Family in it^^!!
Love my FAMLY~!!

Give me some comment about the new header, kay!?^^
I even changed my bloggie templete, i had been saying i wanted to change since don't know when and finally i done it. SO HAPPY~~teehee
I Actually wanted to put it redish but can't change to red so PINK!! So sad =(
Anyway, new look already satisfy me. I also have to Thank my housemate XiaoLang, he helped me to move the header to the middle!! OMG~Damn he such a genius^^

But i lost my Nuffnang advertisement space==" and my Innit box. Anybody here know how to put it back into my bloggie==" i Need some help here!!!><

Today, continue Paintball tournament fighting for the finalist!! I thought today should have girl, but when there only realise im the only girl left^^. Feel so proud!! Also proud to my teamate!! Great job, although we lose when we almost reach semi-final. Enjoying the game is the point. Today, rain before start game!! Making the field so muddy~~UACKY

Our enemy playing cheat, had been shoot down by my teamate but they still continue fire toward my teamate. What kind of attitude was that, so emberassing action!! Can't lose than don't PLAY!! WHAT A LOSER~!!! Make me lost Cash and hamper!! isk~isk~~

That referee also blind, why they don't stop the player when they got shooted==" what kind of referee!! And they only judging the player got shooted by saw a spot of paint on them!! I didn't get shooted, it was the pallet break infront me and splashed the paint on me!! how can she say I'm OUT!! isk~~isk~~ Wasted my pallet!! RM30 for only 50pallets and i wasted!! TT

Remember NANG me
[just click on that nang word]
By MissCarolineLzt

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My First Time

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Today I share my FIRST TIME with FeiFei, JasonLiew, Shaun and Kevin. *ngek ngek ngek, Don't think too much*

But, yes today i really share my first experience with them^^ at Tar College for Paintball Tournament!! Because it was my first time playing paintball war!! Today was the 1st day of competition, really fun!! We Won 2 matches tomorrow will continue the following match.

So fun and happy, although really tiring and very pain when hit by the pallet==". All got head shot I'm only 1 who got shot at hand. The mask is so irritated!! Cause hard to breath when wearing it, everyone it trying to take off it but the coach have told us not to take off while still in the field==" and the gun is quite heavy!!

IT IS FUN~!!! I should call Notti Fam go play at least once!! it really nervous while in the field but really enjoy the war!! ngek ngek~~^^