Saturday, August 21, 2010


1 Down Many to Go

Today packed many stuff from Setapak to back Puchong for my holiday, i look like RUN AWAY FROM HOME~hahaha. Too many stuff==" Than when to meet Keith and Kelvin for movie at Time Square. 1 down and many to go, another movie i watched "Repo man" after watching that movie i feel so creep. The story is about the world have invented fake organ and selling those organ like car, which can pay monthly like our car and houses==" Which mean after you purchase those expensive fake organ and pay it monthly. If you fail paying it for 3month i think your fake organs will claim back by those Repo men. They will just kill all those people which can't pay for their fake organ legally!! They will just come into your house and put a knife onto your body and reclaim the fake organ!! creepy right!? Imagine from top to toes 30% part of it was robot==" SO HORRIBLE!!!

I'm so bored~ i need job~!! Intro please but please don't intro me those direct sales or marketing investment job!! i HATE IT~=="

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