Tuesday, August 31, 2010


30KM Marathon!?

Okay~I'm back^^
I work since Friday till Sunday, at Bandar Puteri Giant Hypermarket. Guess what i work!! Runner!? No~ I work as Promoter for EnfaGrow milk powder.

Ah dear~ Herng

Below is Ivan, our leader.
Ying and the cute friendly kids^^
Me and her~^^
This time no need sales, only need attract kids to come to our booth than their parents will pass to other colleague. It sound fun right!? Biiii~~~~ Your are so WRONG!! It tiring, especially playing or teaching those shy shy kids. It look like I'm the one who was playing the game and talking to myself==" Because they don't give any response. Some kids very cute they are very very friendly and not scare to talk with us, but still tiring to play with them. Because they are too too naughty=="

The tired part wasn't there, it was they are kids and their are shorter than us so we have to squat down n up when talk with them!! my knee and waist is so pain!! Other than that, we have to walk around with flyer, gift and balloon on our hands to attract kids. My legs and hands really feel doesn't belong to me anymore. The most worst was, we have to stand there from 10am-10pm except twice break of 40minutes each or teaching the kids!!==" This is why i put my title as 30km marathon, because my legs is so numb after this 3 days work, feel like i have run 30km marathon for this 3days.

But still really enjoy this 3days working with all of them and meeting all those kids. Hope got chance to work with all of them again^^

Before that, Thursday 26 August 2010. It is my Babe's day, which we go karaoke and all was my babe without guys^^
It was long we didn't when out in a gang of Babe only^^
After karaoke when to ice skating. Meet a new friend call Christ *McDonald* funny guy Kei and Ling college friend. Also meet Fei, Jane, Kevin and Ginny there but we didn't play together. Dinner at Wong Kok Restaurant. That day was fun~LOL!!

But at night is SHIT~!! When to Maison, I'm so regret promise to accompany Jing!! Because she and Jenny bring their boyfriend too. It was so bored!! I just sit there wait the time pass fast=="

By the way, it already 2.55am here. So it is officially 31st August 2010 Merdeka for Malaysian!! National's day. But it look so meaningless to celebrate, because this few days there a news about Siti Inshah the Headmistress, Which i think most of the Malaysian will know about her news, right!? so i can talk less to the detail. She had made most of the Chinese and India citizen angry with what she have said. Even Facebook opened group for her "Jail HER" and "Support HER".

Cause of what she have done, NameWee i think this guy no need me to explain more about him, right!? He is damn famous at Malaysia, if you really don't know him try to Google him. He is really a genius, which Malaysia really have but too bad, Malaysia think we don't need his talent==". I think all Malaysian may know who is he which make him so famous was the song he sang "Negaraku ku" =="

Okay~ back to where i stop. Because of that headmistress Siti Inshah have done, NameWee dislike it so he written a song about her and causing himself *NameWee* some trouble. People had said him Racist/Racism and Government arrested him. In addition, most of the Malaysian wanted him to be kick out of Malaysia "dilucutkan Kerakyatan". This sure got Facebook group too "Lucut Kerakyatan DIA" and "NameWee Officially Page"
This what i call racist~~~ Photo have a look.

Anyway, both is wrong. Don't care, is really late now!!
i have to sleep!! I look old because late sleep!!
Good Night my bloggie visitor~ Sweet dream!!

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