Monday, August 23, 2010


Another Officially 19

Yeap~another officially 19th~^^
Our Kaikai~ Wish him again, Happy burung-day!!
When to Sunway karaoke and suppose to watch movie but no time.
Jamming while entering basement parking, Sunday always full of people.

After karaoke, toilet is our favour place~hahahah

Than, Dinner at Manhattan Fish Market. So full~ Don't know what so interesting attracted him to watch till so blur=="
Left is KaiKai la~~Birthday Boy!!
Catch ya~ Louis Koh always snap us without telling us!! hahahaha
Going home~Nope!! Started our surprise plan for KaiKai ~~^^ I didn't take any photo for the surprise^^
We planned giving him surprise.
As what we plan is everyone will say tired or parent not allow to go back late so when home after dinner.
Actually we were waiting him to reach home than we bring the cake and stand in front his house~haha

He the one who open the door when we rang the door bell, With half naked and shocked look!! Damn funny look~ Really a tired day.
Mr Wong Chi Qing Thank us la~~We are so tired to move like a thief in front your house~hahah

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