Monday, August 23, 2010



Look familiar to you!? Yeap~~This is my sis online store^^ bLonGie-licious.
She updated her store with more male clothes. Guys don't wait have a look at her blog maybe you will found what you need!! Or you want to buy which kind of clothes just leave me a comment i will tell her^^ [
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Girls no worry, her store have plenty of pretty, cute and sexy female clothes or Dressed. As the same as the guy, what kind of clothes you want but just can't find it leave me a comment i will tell her, she will try her best to find it^^ [
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Lady and Gentlemen!!! Want to find couple shirt!? She have many couple shirt which look very cute. [
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Or wanted to buy some sexy lingerie, for your Babe but feel shy to walk into a lingerie shop!? [
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She also sell cute and sexy Costume. [ Click in ]

And 1more latest product in her blog is customize your own necklace. Or finding special gift for your love 1, this may help you~!! The 1 and only necklace or key chain you owe will not bang on the same necklace with other^^ Because it specially made with your name on it!! Check it out here~ [ Clicky here ]

Latest promotion is RAYA Promotion! - 10% DISCOUNT on ALL READY stock product!!
(excluding Clearance Items)

Don't wait and have a look at her store, you may found something you really want^^

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