Tuesday, August 24, 2010



If you knew me earlier, you should know i FU*KING HATE SPAMMERS!!
Don't care Facebook, Email or Bloggie, all i HATE it!!
I will pissed and start to scold x(
*I'm sorry to show off my anger here, and all my rudeness here*
Even friends spammed my wall i scold!! Sorry to them too.
I freaking HATE this fellow!! He/She is so damn clever!!
SPAMMED my Cbox and linked his/her name with Google.com!! FUCK YOU COWARD!!!
SPAM ME~and not dare to post you link!! Where the HELL is your guts!? Hiding or let dog eat as dinner!!

Anyway, don't waste my time to angry this kind of people!!
I changed my Cbox colour to match with my new look of my Bloggie.
Nice!? haha^^ My favourite color *Red not Pink*

Here another thing to share with all blogger and viewer.
Because recently I'm having semi-semester break~hahaha!!
So i often visit Lowyat Forum, so i found this forum where they discussing about precaution for lady's.

[ Click here to view the dicussion ]
*Some i quite agree with, but some really no point doing so*
There a chatter called Spanker what he/she say quite right.
Especially having a pen in your bag, you will it Handy when it really something bad happen^^
*not cursing*


ken said...

spammers are noobs =P

Rolling Fumbling Thug said...

why the heck they want to spam people's wall without tagging themselves? Cowards or maybe they are just lifeless :)

Carolinelzt said...

ken:: ya~i also think so>< especially those who spam n leave=="

Thug:: agree!!>< i thing to bored and really lifeless==