Friday, August 20, 2010



I finally submitted my journal^^. Yeappii~~nothing to do d, no assignment, no classes and no job to work!! I'm bored to die and broke to the ground. I only can sit here online watch movie till 1st September my 1 and only exam subject English exam. How GOOD!!! ngek ngek ngek~~~~~~ But i need a job, i have no income can't shopping even on Mega Sales season!!! Feel like crying!! i always missed this Malaysia once a year sales!!! Please any job i can work!? I need money to shopping and go for trip!!! I'm quite outdated!! I missed many many movie since June==" anyone can download can send me!!

Just now, watched "The Last Airbender" with Alem, Joshua, Jonathan and Alem friend. Very nice and that Sokka look so handsome!! *blush* hahaha~~ That Aang is so cute he look adorable~~ *wa* Sokka sis and the princess is really pretty too!! *ArG*
This movie really nice!! worth to watch!! This movie have cost me Rm20!! It was my most expensive movie and it wasn't Premier or Gold class==" it was 3D digital!! WHY IS IT SO EXPENSIVE!!! Lucky the movie is nice, worth if not i cry inside the hall=="

Yesterday, when dinner with my lovely housemate than when to movie with them and 1 of Lien friend call i also forgot what her name==" but she really is a Pretty girl^^ also is a friendly girl. We watched "The Expandable" it is really nice too. But the fellow sit beside me is spoiling my mood. That fellow is my housemate Feng which sleep almost whole movie==" As he told us earlier he watched before with his girl. Jet Li really so small. Asian people always look so tiny when standing beside White or black people~~hahaha==" This movie cost me RM0 because Lien treat us^^~ Thank you very much!!

Now my life is wake up, have my meal, than wait television got movie or show, online or walking up and down when late night sleep. The next day doing the same thing again. Maybe a bit different, When friends call for tea or for jogging than when out till evening. Oh My GOD~!! I don't want this kind of life. I need a job, part time job!! But i dislike working alone, and i need at least rm80 per day as salary!! I know I'm a bit choosy==" and I'm a BIG WASTER cause i love enjoy my life. I can spend many on food and beverage. I also spend many only my daily outing!! This all was given by my lovely ah pa!! My everything just look like my dad, although i love the way i look like my dad but my financial is totally different from my dad. Can i look like my mom a bit bit. My mom is so so good at saving money!!!

Hope i got a job soon. I need money very very much!!
So fast my 2nd year 1st semester is end, hope new semester coming and not so busy assignment but i think it just won't come true!!
I'm still single, boyfriend still haven got the couple feel yet. Still wanted to play around!!=="
Monk-[ing] having "veggie" now==", my Kelvin bro quit club temporary!! Hope i found mine club bro back!!!
Diet, wasn't success yet. I think i need more hardworking in my diet plan!!

Just now i heard a bad news from my friend, saying that his sis new born baby pass away. Feel sad to heard so.
Life is really fragile, Appreciate life and people around you. Many living want to face this world but have no chance to do so. But people who have chance but did't appreciate at all.


-JF- said...

so far you are the ONLY one who say The last airbender nice..=.="

Carolinelzt said...

==" but i think nice ar~ different ppl different opinion lo~~maybe i not choosy on movie gua><

Carolinelzt said...
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