Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Most Terrible Happen on ME

Some of you may know i have sick since Monday.
Fever, Headache and serious cough non-stop!!
My fever keep on come and go, come and go=="
my headache is with me the whole day for 2 days continuously.
my cough non stop till now i still cough non stop!!
Yesterday, after i done my Interface Design HTML i forced my housemate LangLang to fetch me to 24hours clinic.
because it already midnight!!

He trying to kill me, i think.
Because he keep drive me to those "klinik pengigian" dentistry or hospital=="
Finally he listen my direction to Genting Klang.
If not i think 3am also haven found a clinic, than i have to go Emergency wad

reason over fever and faint out.

He really is a 大孩子 or a sweet talker, even the aunty nurse he also can flirt and joke.
Anyway, he is a good guys you ever meet^^ just a bit playful.
Yesterday, clinic cost me rm70!! OMG~~~~~ EXPENSIVE!!!
Doctor gave me::

  • 1 big pack of Antibiotic

  • 2 pack of Paracetamol "Panadol"

  • 1 pack of Dexamethasone for itchy troat

  • 1 big bottle of cough liquid medicine

  • 1 bottle of kumur-kumur *mouthwash* no idea what this for=="

below was my medicine!!

I have to consume so many medicine!!
This was my first time consuming so many medicine=="
6 pils and 10ml medicine.
I have wasted 1 Panadol and 2 Antibiotic.
After i consume Panadol and Antibiotic, I vomit and 1 of the Panadol came out together with Antibiotic!!

Lucky that my headache and fever get well!!
if not i really don't know how to survive till this Friday!!
I do assignment with the accompany of all this SICK!! How happy am I!!=="

Nothing will be worst than this!! i think!!!!!!

Nang me~~


renaye said...

u should go to hospital instead of clinic. if u r still having fever after finishing ur pills... u need to go to hospital.

get well soon, by the way.

Carolinelzt said...

owh~~thank~ i will
i will go for a blood test