Wednesday, August 4, 2010


My First Time

Today I share my FIRST TIME with FeiFei, JasonLiew, Shaun and Kevin. *ngek ngek ngek, Don't think too much*

But, yes today i really share my first experience with them^^ at Tar College for Paintball Tournament!! Because it was my first time playing paintball war!! Today was the 1st day of competition, really fun!! We Won 2 matches tomorrow will continue the following match.

So fun and happy, although really tiring and very pain when hit by the pallet==". All got head shot I'm only 1 who got shot at hand. The mask is so irritated!! Cause hard to breath when wearing it, everyone it trying to take off it but the coach have told us not to take off while still in the field==" and the gun is quite heavy!!

IT IS FUN~!!! I should call Notti Fam go play at least once!! it really nervous while in the field but really enjoy the war!! ngek ngek~~^^

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