Friday, August 6, 2010


New Face

I finally i have the mood to edit a header Photo for my Bloggie!! With all my beloved Family in it^^!!
Love my FAMLY~!!

Give me some comment about the new header, kay!?^^
I even changed my bloggie templete, i had been saying i wanted to change since don't know when and finally i done it. SO HAPPY~~teehee
I Actually wanted to put it redish but can't change to red so PINK!! So sad =(
Anyway, new look already satisfy me. I also have to Thank my housemate XiaoLang, he helped me to move the header to the middle!! OMG~Damn he such a genius^^

But i lost my Nuffnang advertisement space==" and my Innit box. Anybody here know how to put it back into my bloggie==" i Need some help here!!!><

Today, continue Paintball tournament fighting for the finalist!! I thought today should have girl, but when there only realise im the only girl left^^. Feel so proud!! Also proud to my teamate!! Great job, although we lose when we almost reach semi-final. Enjoying the game is the point. Today, rain before start game!! Making the field so muddy~~UACKY

Our enemy playing cheat, had been shoot down by my teamate but they still continue fire toward my teamate. What kind of attitude was that, so emberassing action!! Can't lose than don't PLAY!! WHAT A LOSER~!!! Make me lost Cash and hamper!! isk~isk~~

That referee also blind, why they don't stop the player when they got shooted==" what kind of referee!! And they only judging the player got shooted by saw a spot of paint on them!! I didn't get shooted, it was the pallet break infront me and splashed the paint on me!! how can she say I'm OUT!! isk~~isk~~ Wasted my pallet!! RM30 for only 50pallets and i wasted!! TT

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