Tuesday, August 10, 2010



Back from Genting trip with Notti Fam, it was fun although we have many trouble about the transport and hotel.
really have a great time with them!! This was my first trip joining them, i always missed Notti Fam trip cause of assignment^^".

Next trip i will sure GO!! So don't miss me out. Although quite tired cause have to wake early take bus and had no enough space for us to sleep, but really enjoy. Because hardly we can trip together due to our busy college life and work time clashing together with each other holidays.

Million thank to Turtle Li for planing everything, FishPo LuJi to buy the tickets for us and PaoPao dad gave us a free hotel room^^"
Really miss the time we playing in Theme park just like a bunch of kids, eating together, gambling in the room and fighting for toilet=="
Hope next trip will well planned as soon as possible!! Teehee
Here some of the photo~^^

After the happy trip, i have to rush my assignment again!! Yesterday Tris and RonRon came my house to overnight again, to finish our Cell Animation & Interface Design. So tired, we work till midnight again. I start to headache at 4am and nap awhile realize I'm having FEVER==".

Wake up this morning, i beat fever but my cough and headache is still accompany me!!==" HOW TERRIBLE, DOING ASSIGNMENT WHEN SICK!!

And now my Fever came back again!! I think "they" Love me very much!!=="

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