Thursday, August 26, 2010


Vampire Suck-ed

Woots~ When out again!! I have continuously when out for few days==" my wallet is really empty for now. Back to the main topic, i when to MidValley for movie "Vampire Suck". It is a comedy version of Twilight. For me this movie really not that good as it "SUCK". Not very funny, just few part look funny.
Becca look normal, i still prefer Bella^^ but she really great actress, because she really look like Bella. All her movement and the way she speak.
Edward Sullen look so not handsome for me==" and he look weird~hahaha!! But he really bring out the Edward Cullen style just not as cool as Edward Cullen~haha.
Jacob 'Chiwawa' i don't think he look like Jacob 'Werewolf' at all==" but he look handsome with short hair!! *blush*
Iris Sullen, i dislike her look!! I love Alice Cullen she is so pretty, this Iris totally spoiled her look~==" But Iris got Alice feel~hahah. *not sure it is Alice Cullen, forgot her name actually*
Better stop talking about the movie, later people who haven watch come scold me=="

After movie, when for dinner. My favourite!!! Sushi^^~YumMy yuMmY~!!! But i really full!! Oh My GOD~!! Say about Japanese food remind me my sis Christina when to Tao or Toa a buffet restaurant which located at Damansara. Today her birthday Dav bring her there for dinner. Quite cheap, RM102 for 2pax but it is ala cart. If i got chance have to go for once^^
After dinner, when to Xuan's Cafe for tea with Louis. Today Keith car got problem, maybe this is a good new for him^^ because he can get a new car. hahah

I have changed my bloggie music to "First Love" from Utada Hikaru. Really nice and relax song. Love it^^ Hope all you will LOVE it too~

Happy Birthday to CHRISTINA^^ my Beloved sis~
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