Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Another Day Out

A picture to start my post~^^
Because yesterday night I'm too too tired, so i didn't blog^^ Yesterday wake early AGAIN, when to Sunway meet Someone and Karaoke at RedBox with her Ms K. Than when to cinema to wait Another guy Mr E. Mr E is so shy~~hahahaha. He just can't chat nicely when looking at us. When to Sakae sushi for Brunch^^. We spend Rm69 for Brunch~yUmmY!!! Lucky i got voucher. We watch 2movie~~Woots.
1st movie is "Stool Pegion" Really nice!! Should watch^^ Some say it was too confuse but for me confuse is the last part, how come the police was arrested!? Tell me if you know^^ 2nd movie is "Step Up 3" normal screen. It was AMAZING!!! "Step Up" never dissapointed me before!!^^ If want to watch again I will.

After everything, Fetch them home and happily go home. Reach home happily remove make up and prepare to bath. Than, I realize!! My house water supply have so proplem it will not have water till today 2pm!! How pissed it is!! So i just play with my fake lashes while waiting for water. With lashes, Nice!?
1st Snap~
2nd Snap~
With Lashes Left eye, without lashes Right eye. Which nicer!?
Fake or Natural!?
3rd snap~
Back to original^^
After, play and snap snap photo. When to bathroom trying my luck!! And SHIT!! water still not here!! Maverick show me the news saying " Water supply will be stopped start from yesterday 5PM till today 2PM" so waited till just now water came back^^

I'm still finding job.
Please anyone have part time job available!!
PM me~


Sarah Lee said...

stool pigeon so ugly !
step up 3 nice "D

the one with one eyelashes look cute:)

without make up look nice also .. lol

Carolinelzt said...

stool pigeon very nice^^ y ugly!?==
step up~~ NiCe!!! can watch also also no problem><

haha~1 lashes all also say special~haha

no need praise till i fly~^^