Tuesday, September 28, 2010



Okay~it will be very weird to say so " I LOVE DIARRHEA ", weird!?
hahaah~~ sometime i really like diarrhea, I know it is weirs to love it.
Every time after diarrhea i feel thin! hahaha~!! *so funny*
Diarrhea get rid of oil i consume.
This is why most of the slimming tea or fiber we consume will make us diarrhea.

But i hate it when it come on wrong timing=="
I'm working or in middle of class!!
Or midnight while i having a great dream=="

But if over diarrhea may cause us "overnight 5star hotels"[Emergency wad]!!
diarrhea will cause loss fluid[dehydration] and die.
Don't used diarrhea as diet plan or fast slimming plan!!=="

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