Thursday, September 2, 2010


Best In Singapore & JB, Some Say Batam Too!?

Best in Singapore and JB!! Some say Batam too!? Who is he!? Sound familiar too me, do you feel so!!? HAHAH~~yes!! Phua Chu Kang!! I have watched it on Tuesday with Angie, Bert and Herng. Don't play play ar!! It really nice, very funny!! I thought will got Phua Chu Beng but only got his name on screen~hahahah. Should watch, but my friends told me Grown Up more funnier than PCK!! So i will watch it if got chance!!ngek ngek~~

After movie when to Sri Petaling night market^^. Whole day i spend around RM60=="

Yesterday, was my one and only exam!!hahaha~ Don't jealous. Lucky i know how to do=="
After exam when home prepare and go Jane house for BBQ!!! YumMy!! Delicious~~ Hotdogs, Hams, Corns, Meatballs and most important CHICKEN WINGS!!! It was fun, although not all U4 is there^^ I still looking forward to Penang trip!! Hope it will successfully planned!!

After BBQ, all started to planned next round~hahah. Sijian, Alem, Shane when to Steven for tea, actually is accompany Sijian Cousin eat. Jonathan, MunYi, XueYi and Joshua when home. The other Karaoke!! woots^^ When to Time Square Neways and saw MonkeyHaw and SnakeBoy^^. That night cost me Rm13 BBQ + Rm33 karaoke = RM46!! OFFICIALLY BANKRUPT*****
Penang trip at least need RM300 for hotel, eat and play!! I need get loan from Lim Bank!! hahahaha

Tonight will go CLUB!! Maison WAIT ME!!!


ken said...

wanna watch PCK.. but think gonna get a DVD =)

Carolinelzt said...

hahah~^^ u should