Saturday, September 4, 2010


Ladies night

Last night when to Maison with quite a big gang than usually.
It was ladies night, but we have male more than female.
Quite long didn't when club with Notti Family too^^
It is fun~!!
Not only Notti Family, my handsome gang of housemate was there too.
They even bring their girlfriends with them this time^^And introduced me a friend.
It was fun, until WaiKin told me
"Fast go out, there will be police checking=="
Really straight away turn to no mood!!

After club when to Old Klang Road for "Chiew Chao porridge" really long time didn't eat at there.
Since Reno when to Singapore.
Than accompany
Ling fetch Chris back Subang, than my turn to go home

Yesterday receive good and also bad news, both also from
Good news it will be a secret for now.
Bad news is he lost RM350 at Maison=="

And I'm so happy, because making that F*CKER Chan can't event speak!!
You better stay away!! Far away from Ling!!

Sleep now~~^^
Tomorrow wake up continue my job searching!!
What i really need now is Sleep and Money.
Love sorry, you have to go down to 3rd place^^

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