Monday, September 13, 2010


Money Or Life~!?

Is money that important!?
Will you do whatever just to get rich!?
Steal!? Rob!? Beg!? Lie!? or Kill!?
Will you do either 1 for money!?
You will do it or not i don't know, but this guys have done it for money!!
Don't know who!?
This guy and his brother, both are lawyer.
Which they have killed 4peoples.
1st victim : cosmetics millionaire (Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya)
2nd victim : her driver (Kamaruddin Shamsuddin)
3rd victim : her lawyer (Ahmad Kamil Karim)
4th victim : her bank officer (Noorhisham Mohammad)
The suspects have burn the 4victim into ashes by using traditional method,
which is using cow dung and petrol.

I'm too too lazy to post about those stupid people.
They have so high education as a lawyer but what they have done, is such a shame!!!
But if you want to know more go to "The Star"

Today when for Badminton again^^, same place Cheras.
But different people with HerngDear, LuJi, Bert, Soon, Wei AhZai, Keith.
This time more fun than last time and also more sweat than last time!!
This Friday will have another section if I did not work x(
Tomorrow will go for interview, Wish Me LUCK~!!
Me after sport and Sweaty look~
OMG!! My forehead full of pimple!!
;( All effect of after PMS *I HATE PMS*

LuJi~ Noob face =P

Wao~Sexy back^^ Bert
Us~on the way home^^
Without the sunglasses~ noob face x(

Lastly, this photo i 'steal' from Amy blog.
Do you know who are them!?
It is Ella and Selina from S.H.E!!
OMG~~ Ella so damn cute^^ LOVE her!!

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