Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Moon's Day

Start my post with a greet to all Chinese blogger and friends.
Happy Mooncake's Festival, May all have a lovely,happy dinner with family and enjoy mooncake =)
中秋节快乐。祝大家快快乐乐和家人个美好的夜晚,享受月饼 =)

*Sorry, if there any wrong word^^", I'm not good in Chinese*

Also Photo~ We make alphabet and shape using candle.
Love ♥
NF[Notti Fam] = Love♥ Notti Fam
All so hungry, BBQ-ing. Starting the BBQ thingy. Me before going out. Quite long didn't BBQ with Notti Fam, yesterday really happy and fun.
This BBQ is to celebrate Mooncake Fest and also gathering all of us.
We will gather together on Mooncake Fest for dinner, so this year we plan for BBQ.
We will play candle also but we left out mooncake, all forgotten=="

I celebrate Mooncake Fest with Notti Fam~
Sure won't forget my family, Tonight we having steamboat at home^^ YumMy~~♥♥♥

20 September 2010 -Monday-
I when to 3 interview in a day==" so tiring, i have to go to OUG to fetch my friends.
Then, to Kelana Jaya for 1st interview.
After 1st have to rush to Midvalley for the 2nd and 3rd.
Keep on rush here and there, look like artist rushing for their next runway.

End the post with many of my vain photo =P

17 September 2010 -Friday-

We when to Badminton AGAIN.
This time more people joining us, around 11peoples!!
It was fun^^ and really sweat like bathing.

We play double match, which team lost have to run around 3 badminton court.
I ran for more than 9round==" and play more than 5match!!
Tired but still fun^^
CheeSoon: OMG~i can't stand it anymore!!
After badminton, when to IOI Mall for Dinner^^

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