Thursday, September 23, 2010


My MoonCake's Fest

My Mid-Autumn Fest, celebrated with my family with a DELICIOUS steamboat as dinner^^
Start my appetizer with my mom homemade Icy-moon cake. YuMmY~~~

Prepare "Yong Tau FU", Is a must for my family steamboat~LOL

My sis and I always the last leaving the table~ Don't try avoid *cause it will be more uglier*
The soup, at the end of our dinner. Very delicious with all veggie, meat and seafood taste in it!!

I'm super FULL~ this my last bowl and all the LaLa Shell~~ hahaha
Century eggs, Mushroom and Lala~
Lastly, desert~Moon cake and Cincau drink. *2yorks lotus* YuMmY~!!
And this~ my leg!! Mosquito kissed me 7times!!! Look like my blood is same Sweet~^^

I have changed my bloggie Header again~^^

I also changed my Bloggie song to some Old Chinese song i like^^
*Byul~Kim Ah Joong

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