Saturday, September 18, 2010


One Day Trip

I'm still on my semester break==" 1month break!! Penang trip with my classmate cancelled, so planned a 1day trip with other friends. Guess where i when, a photo as tips^^

Recognize that red clock tower?! Or familiar with that flag?! Can you guess where I when for my 1 day trip??

The answer is Malacca, a place full of history^^. My last trip to Malacca was almost 7-8years ago or maybe longer. It wasn't a trip, when there to visit my grandpa before he pass away~TT. *back to main topic*

When there on 15 September 2010 [Wednesday], With Seng Mama, Wilber, Ang and Steve. Than reach there meet our tour guide Francis and Justin^^. We start our journey at 9am, from Puchong. Actually should start at 8am, but Wilber car got problem. We reach Malacca at 12pm, we could reach more early if Mama car didn't break down==" Many problem on that day, Mama car passenger door can't open. When Wilber want to go out have to climb to driver seat go out using driver door~hahahah!!

Anyway, we reach Malacca safely^^. Waited for our TG(Tour Guide) very long, while all of us was half dead because of not enough sleep and hungry!!==" Than 1st TG Francis came and bring us to 1 Chicken rice shop for breakfast, go Malacca sure eat local famous food, am I right!? But for me the chicken rice ball just normal for me, nothing special. Maybe, I'm not so into chicken!? That day didn't take many photo and not a single photo of food^^". But Mama took Wilber DSLR keep only snap photo~LOL *pity Wilber*.

After Breakfast sure go for a walk, Meet with 2nd TG Justin and when to Red House. Very famous building at Malacca, no need explain more. If wanted to know more go Google search~hahaha. Walk up and down to have a better view of Malacca city with windy weather.

Next station, TG bought us to Taming Sari tower, where you can sit inside the gondola!? or container!? and it will go up more than 18floors or higher and turn 360* degree few time for you to look at Malacca view more clear, not very special but at least a new experience.

After, long walk all was sweat and hot so it time for "cendol"~YumMY!!! Really nice, with the original Brown sugar "Gula Melaka" so nice, don't know how to say just NICE.

Before taking our break, last station is to Old Jetty which reconstructed into a Jetty entertainment PARADISE~hahah^^. Why I say so!? Because that Jetty got Restaurant, Pool & snooker, Pub/Bar, Club and Karaoke. One of the famous club[Arena] at Malacca was there, They even prepare a car!? or motorcycle?! thingy to fetch u into Karaoke and out *feel cool, right!?*.

Whole trip walk walk and still walk or snap snap and still snap. Then, tea break at a cafe which their famous cake is million layer cake~LOL!! Feel like those "kuih-muih" name, actually is a cafe which look like Secret Recipe but their cake more DELICIOUS than Secret Recipe.

Walk here and there, chit chat awhile, snap snap. Then TG bring us to a beach "Pantai Klebang" for sunset. Play around there while wasting some of our time. Last station is "Satay Celup" YuMMMY!!! Their sauce really different, can't find at KL. Really Nice!! Sorry~ i didn't take any food picture.

We start our journey back to KL at 10pm++ and i slept in the car for whole journey. Too too tired, can't stand anymore.^^"
Overall this trip is FUN~~ And did i mention!? That I'm the only femaly that day and I'm also youngest that day. Will have another trip^^ Will upload few photo on bloggie tomorrow~^^

Nighty night my friends and blogger.
Today Slogan "I Love My FRIEND"
~Love all of you~

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