Monday, September 6, 2010


This called as TIRED

This morning wake at 9am!! Wao~Is that Caroline!! Yes it is, wake so early to prepare worry will late again~^^". When to Leisure Mall for Movie [Old Cow VS Tender Grass]. For me i think this movie wasn't as funny as i thought!! Not very nice. Funny part got a bit or because there only 9peoples included 4 of us in that hall, so not that nice!? Then at Cheras for Badminton. Got Angie, Bert, Herng and a couple. SO Fun!! Took this when i restig~^^sweaty!! refreashing~~~~
Idiot side of me~hahaa Noob face Angie, but Pro player^^
Sharing water because didn't bring water~><
Cold-ing down~ *Sorry for blur photo, Because my mobile nooob*
Last pose to end the Sport~x(!

Guess what i do yesterday!? Tips look at photo below. My tired face.
Yes!? No!? open Guess. I was working again^^ This time at IOI Mall, Sakae Sushi. It is Children's Day. It was fun working at there, working with Angie. We meet many nice people there *Jesly[Who hired me], Yanny[Outlet Manager], Adelyn[Pretty and sweet lady], Nazri[Mascot] and Jeremy[Owner of 'I' Blog]. Really enjoy working there^^
Angie and Nazri^^
MsCarolineLzt and Nazri after my break~ Cute mascot right!?
Us with the Sakae gift for kids~haha. This show how happy and enjoy we work there.

I'm so tired!! I also very hungry~!!

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