Monday, September 13, 2010


To Arthur!!

After looking at the 1st photo can you guess what this post about!? What Link with "To Arthur"
and Black beer!? Don't know try have a look at the second photo^^
Hmmm~~ Arthur's Day!? Get it or not!? What Arthur's Day!? Continue reading to know the answer.
250 Remarkable years~!! Guinness!? I think you know something, right!? With that logo, i think u guys know the answer^^
Yes~ it is, Arthur's Day for Guinness 250 Remarkable years worldwide celebration. On 24th September 2010, at Sunway Lagoon. So we having roadshow at many area to sell the celebration tickets offer 20%. Not only selling tickets, we also have free game for everyone above 18years old and non-Muslim winner will have cute miniature of Guinness. People whose didn't win also got Astray or can opener as consolation. Guinness having promotion too and free gift for every 1 cluster of 6 cans Guinness. The free gift is *1 Eco bag and 1 Polaroid photography with one of the usher*. Other than that, we got Emcee there will give out Eco-goodies bag but you have to challenge him/her in the longer " To Arthurrrrrr.. " to win the Eco-goodies bag. Lastly, we have a bus parked there with usherette will guide and telling more detail and history about Arthur and Arthur's Day.

Today, when reached at
Solaris Cold Storage from 7pm to 10pm. It was tiring, because we *usherette* wear high heels and stand for 3hours!! But really enjoy working tonight with all other crew and usherette. Hope got chance to work together again^^, because I just replace 1 of the usher one day. Probably next week i will not working with them~ X(

Anyway, last inform for all bloggers and friends. Next week our Guinness roadshow will held at Giant Damansara (11pm-2pm) and TMC Bangsar (3 or 4pm-7pm) *time not very sure*. So if you want to win some cute miniature, special can opener and other goodies or enjoy offer from Guinness than don't miss the chance!!^^


Dylan Phuah said...

u going Arthurs Day?

Carolinelzt said...

no~i'm not
tickets too expensive><
i work for the roadshow only~^^