Monday, September 27, 2010



My semester break is end. This week is college reopen, but i think i will go for Tutorial only for this week =P. My complete timetable haven out yet, after receive complete timetable only back Setapak. 1 month, long but still very fast end. Say it short but I done quite many thing in this whole month. Anyway, I end my semester break by work for 2 day[Saturday & Sunday]. I work for Apes idea, which the supervisor was my secondary senior~LOL. But he can't remember who am I, can't blame him cause he older than me 2years and I'm not outstanding that time~hahah.

Okay~back to where i stop, I work for him in Naturel oil roadshow.
We were training to approach people, educate them about Naturel product and making sales. Working this 2 days make me remember most of the brief they told, because we have to repeat repeat and repeat the same thing =.="

This the main product, Cooking oil. Naturel Blend which combination of Canola and Sunflower seed oil, so it contain Omega 3 & 6. Rich in vitamin E, high in Monounsaturates, No Cholesterol and No.1 soft oil in Malaysia. *but most people ignore all this== waste my saliva*

2nd product, Olive oil which have 3 different type. Extra virgin, Organic extra virgin and Pure. Extra virgin mean the 1st cold-pressed of the olive. Pure mean the after 1st cold-pressed olive. The emcee for our roadshow asked us a very funny question "If my wife consume the Extra virgin will she become virgin everyday" LOL~!!
Last product, Margarine which have 4 type. Soft margarine, Reduce Fat, Reduce salt and Olive spread. *Seriously i know not much about margarine, because i don't like selling it* haha~^^"
The roadshow was at Giant, Kota Damansara. So far, and it wasn't worth if i drive so he decide to fetch me go and back. But I was so damn regret to accept the job, because supervisor will be the earliest to reach and the latest to back==". I followed his time, normal promoter work for 10hours and i work for 12hours. I'm so tired when i reach home. I look like this after the job *look below*
Cute!? haha~!! But anyway, i really enjoy working too. I meet many new friend Kelvin our leader, Kuan the chief~LOL, Katie Margarine girl and Qing Bruschetta girl. Although i forgot to ask for Facebook add==", hope will meet them again.

Friday 24 September 2010, when to Kelana Jaya for training. It was jam like hell==". Anyway, main point is after training i when to Movie^^ "The Legend Of Chen Zhen" AMAZING!!! NICE~!! Donnie Yen, is getting old but he doesn't look old and have a pretty muscular body *sexy*, he also GOOD in martial art!! Shu Qi, so sexy with her beautiful body line, OMG!! She is so damn skinny and tall. This movie really nice, should watch.

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