Monday, October 25, 2010

Just Married

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Just married not me, is my Cousin sis [Ky]. She was married yesterday. She find me, both my sis and few cousin be her bride maid. At the first place we were so excited for her wedding's day and also happy that we have the chance to prank the groom *it is a traditional to prank the groom before let him to bring the wife to his house*

But end up, everything is a mess. All was ruin by the groom, and embarrassed my cousin. Her hubby was a DUMB ASS FOOL!! Making himself look like a clown on his own big day. She came into the house and start to bark like a dog!! He say "You guys want red packet only right!? I give you, just open the door, if you guys want me to play i will just wait here." Everyone was totally moodiness. My aunt was so angry, she kicked the gate and told my cousin "Call your hubby not to make me crazy, if not i will not attend your wedding dinner tonight"

Feel so pity to my cousin have to marry to a guy like him!! Anyway, hope she will not suffer after married him and wish him have a wonderful life after married. Their wedding made me have the chance to meet other cousin, it quite long i didn't when back to my mom hometown. *PHOTO WILL UPLOAD SOONER OR LATER*

23 October 2010, quite many wedding on that day and also birthday==". Included my cousin their 3 wedding going on that morning. Around 4 people i know birthday was also on that day.

Today, when to MidValley with friend for a movie " Life As We Know It ". This a comedy & romance movie. Quite funny and also nice, for me. The baby is so damn CUTE!! The Guy "Messer" so HOT!! And the Lady "Holly" is pretty!! The really made a pretty family together. A should watch movie, i recommended. Get a break and head to the cinema for this~^^~

Have to head to my lovely bed, tomorrow class again!!=="
And this week will be a blood donation week.
I will go for blood donation which held at my College.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pissed Off~!!

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I really damn boring also pissed off!! I'm now blogging and facebooking at cafe. The line is so damn "turtle style"==, probably some customer loading video or PPS-ing!!! They think they bought the Wifi here!! I can't reply any of my Cbox because the line here==".

Go back home, nothing to do. Stay at room looking at my empty room!? At home have to face those pissed off problem at home!! So damn dirty, feel like living next to a rubbish bin!! My housemate didn't clean toilet, their table and kitchen!! After eat leave all those rubbish on the table and never wash dishes right away!! Wait for ants and worms help them!! I saw WORM in the rubbish bin, past few days!! All the ants started to "attack" my room!! WHAT THE F*CK!! I have to live 6 more month with them, this really making me sick!! Every time delay payment for electric and water bill, asking them for payment like begging them!! They don't feel a bit of SHAME!!

Another thing which really pissed me is a kind of people which only stick to you when they need your help!! When they don't need you, they ignore you!! Even pretend don't know you!! Or they will just find you as a substitute!! When their friend didn't came, they stick to you pretend to be nice and friendly with you. But when their friend is here they kick u away like a BALL!! I helped them and what i get is a piece of SHIT!! I treat them as friend and you guys treat me as a SUBSTITUTE or a DUMB ASS which helping you like a FOC EMPLOYEE!?

My life just full of this kind of people, not people is FRIENDS!!! I just have to ignore them!! I will not open my mouth to war with you guys!! GO TO HELL~!!! MORONS!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

MIA Again

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I maybe will less update my bloggie this few days.
Because my housemate purposely changed the Wifi password!!!
I forgot to pay them, they treat me like that.
I will miss my bloggie and Facebook also!!!=="
Anyway, left me some comment or messages.
I will reply when i got the chance to online!! TT

By the way, I just realize i have a fans on my Blog^^" *blush*
Thanks for supporting my bloggie to Edison Chong.


Sunday, October 17, 2010


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L♥VE MY FAMILY~!! Why!? They came into my room and asked me where do I sleep tonight!? Feel curious why they ask so!? Because as you guys know I'm a student and my college is far from my family house. Normally I will be at Setapak, less come back. My sis Catherine was back from UK, and my room become her study room=="

My dad, sis and bro came in asked same question and answered also~ahahaha. They are so so cute!! My elder sis Christina nudged me from other room, asked same thing too. LOL!! They call me to sleep at my bro room, but it will be a bit difficult for me to sleep==". They off light while sleeping, i can't sleep when I'm in a dark room!!! isk~

Below was a print screen of my Facebook wall, announcing I LOVE MY FAMILY~^^

Tomorrow is my Cousin sis wedding dinner, she was the 1st closer cousin getting marry^^. She want me to be her photographer tomorrow and on her wedding day. Hope don't end up only me and my sis vain photo!! hahahah~

I have found any suitable dress for her wedding dinner, no handbag, no heels!! Wanted to go shopping tomorrow morning, but wallet empty bank more empty!!! argggg~~~!!! Hope tomorrow daddy will sponsor some. *evil smile*

Saturday, October 16, 2010

CamQueen Year 2010

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CamQueen Of the year!?
What the hell is that!?
Want to know!? Check it out~

Want to be Rich & Famous?
Ya, your are looking at the famous blogger "
Xia Xue"
*i purposely put my name under it, so won't cover Xia Xue pretty face~^^*

Who is the hottest of them all?
Actually it was a contest thingy, which we have to get vote from viewer.

Want to join!?
It is easy to register.
Firstly, you have to prepare 1 of your own Pretty, dolled up photo and 1 before make up or normal snap.
second, follow intruction fill in every detail they needed.
Third, Start voting.

Easy right!? Very easy so I joined too. hahah~~
I joined for funny, but vote for me also, kay~^^
To vote LIKE go to CAMQUEEN.CarolineProfile
Than, press the Facebook logo left side under the photo.
*To enlarge press on the photo*
Currently the #1 place was May Neo.
She is cute right!?
She have a chubby baby face, Sweet look.
You will surprise after you saw how many vote she got there!!=="
*To enlarge photo, press on the photo*

It is okay, if you wanted to join and not really know how to make up.
They have XiaXue teaching you, Simple tutorial. *Learn From The Pro*

So learn anything from there!? Join now^^
Owh~!! Forgot to tell all of you.
If got most vote will get S$1000.
Grand prize is S$5000, will be chosen by the panel of judges.
*Word which white color and italic is a link*

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

MsCarolineLzt M.I.A.

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Hey, I'm back.
Been lacking recently, too lazy to update my bloggie.
As you guys know i have start mine new semester again, Been busy college stuff and rushing to classes.
I promise to sleep early after I'm back to Setapak but end up still the same=="
I also say to myself i have to attend every classes and lecture without late to class, end up still the SAME late and accidentally skipped class==!!!

Anyway, I have been busy what!?
I don't know. Mostly also attend classes from morning to evening. *tiring*
Anyway, I must attend every classes *trying my best too*
Also Study hard also Play HARD~hahah
Seriously, nothing happen very special recently.

Monday night when to 九皇爷[Nine King God] , It is a Chinese festival. *sorry for direct translation*
It was crowded, i reach there by 10++pm it was full of people and BEES=="
That day, i purposely eat vegetarian so i can pray 九皇爷 at night. *respect God*
I pray for my family Healthy/wealthiness and me myself for studies =)
It was lucky that I'm short, Because everyone will hold their joss up high in the air so it will not burn anyone.
So the smoke will also flow away, will not poignant our eyes and i won't smell any smoke with my height~hahah.
But too bad all the ashes drop on my head=="

Yesterday, rush up my 2D animation Lip sync.
Lucky Reno Helped me, if not i think i will use more than 1day time to finish everything!
This my 1st time posting my clip work^^" don't laugh if not nice.
give some comment.

Catherine is back from her UK degree and Euro Trip.
But i have met her yet, miss her although she just when there for 4month~hahaha
Dad say she bought many chocolate==" Too bad I'm having sore throat now!!
And all my "souvenir" My shoe~~Thanks!!!
So curious, what she bought for me other than shoes.

This Sunday 17September2010, my Cousin wedding.
She want me to help her record her wedding video==" Hope i didn't mess up~hahah.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm Back~

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Sorry for late reply my comment and messages, I have been MIA[Missing In Action] for few days. Reason I started my new semester busy doing some preparation. Secondly, I'm lazy to Blogger recently, no momentum pushing me!?==" Anyway, I'm back to my Bloggie~^^" I have replied all messages but I may stop awhile on blog hopping, Quite tired this few days and my Assignment start to come to me~!! How sad==". Anyway, I just summarize what happening this few days with more photo so I will not bored u!~^^

29 September 2010 -Wednesday-
After school, go find my Babe Angie and my Daddy Albert to tea time, guess what we do after tea~hahahah. We when to Bukit Jalil lake have a walk and nice chat^^" Heart to heart chat~sweet!!

30 September 2010 -Thursday-
Bye Bye to September~!! October Hello~^^ Hope to have a better lucky on this month^^
I really bad lucky on that day. Bad thing don't mention, just look at my cute photo~I'm just kidding~=)

1st October 2010 -Fridays-
My 1st Tutorial/Practical classes. I'm so tired!! Lucky my 1st class was cancelled if not i will accidentally skipped that class==". My bad habit can't be changed, sleep late and wake late==" please SHOOOO~~~!!

See tired till when i *wink* also not energy and don't have those power~hahaha.

But at night I'm charged with full battery, well prepare to go Mist to celebrate my Dearest Ho Kent birthdays^^. It was fun that night, Mist and Maison really nice. Knew some new friend, they are so damn funny and friendly^^. I even have Nice profile photo, after that night. Comment me, Please!! Most people thought i photoshop-ed my photo==" I swear i didn't. Anyway, as what they like to think cause i don't mind what they think=="

This is after i removed my make up, is time to sleep~ But do I look different with and without make up!? Please some true comment~!!!?

2nd October 2010 -Saturday-
When to Sunway at night, having great time with Mimi. Yea, his a guy which called as Mimi, his name damn cute right!? He called me and ask me want to Karaoke or not on that night. So YES of cause i wanted to Karaoke, is been quite long i didn't when for karaoke=(. That night I didn't spend any money, because Mimi say he will treat me~!! Thanks you~he is so good =P

This what i didn't for pass few days~=}
My life was fun and wonderful as always, even without money^^
I currently at Setapak, So miss my last 1month life at Puchong ={
I just started my Tutorial/Practical classes this week and i have to face many task and assignment.
Also need to buy many may stuff=="*suffering*

Look at my latest Timetable!! It was tiring when u have to go class at 8am in the morning and 8pm at night==" Owh ya~I got my result too, I quite satisfy with it not to bad. My CGPA dropped by 0.1==" It really hard to maintain good CGPA=="

Maybe after you saw my result and timetable u will think it was nothing.
But for me it is BIG problem=="
Okay~I will stop here, Stay tune for my coming post~