Saturday, October 16, 2010


CamQueen Year 2010

CamQueen Of the year!?
What the hell is that!?
Want to know!? Check it out~

Want to be Rich & Famous?
Ya, your are looking at the famous blogger "
Xia Xue"
*i purposely put my name under it, so won't cover Xia Xue pretty face~^^*

Who is the hottest of them all?
Actually it was a contest thingy, which we have to get vote from viewer.

Want to join!?
It is easy to register.
Firstly, you have to prepare 1 of your own Pretty, dolled up photo and 1 before make up or normal snap.
second, follow intruction fill in every detail they needed.
Third, Start voting.

Easy right!? Very easy so I joined too. hahah~~
I joined for funny, but vote for me also, kay~^^
To vote LIKE go to CAMQUEEN.CarolineProfile
Than, press the Facebook logo left side under the photo.
*To enlarge press on the photo*
Currently the #1 place was May Neo.
She is cute right!?
She have a chubby baby face, Sweet look.
You will surprise after you saw how many vote she got there!!=="
*To enlarge photo, press on the photo*

It is okay, if you wanted to join and not really know how to make up.
They have XiaXue teaching you, Simple tutorial. *Learn From The Pro*

So learn anything from there!? Join now^^
Owh~!! Forgot to tell all of you.
If got most vote will get S$1000.
Grand prize is S$5000, will be chosen by the panel of judges.
*Word which white color and italic is a link*


ken said...

this contest also can ar.. lol..
all the best :)

Carolinelzt said...

whatever have prize giving out sure can d~hahah