Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I'm Back~

Sorry for late reply my comment and messages, I have been MIA[Missing In Action] for few days. Reason I started my new semester busy doing some preparation. Secondly, I'm lazy to Blogger recently, no momentum pushing me!?==" Anyway, I'm back to my Bloggie~^^" I have replied all messages but I may stop awhile on blog hopping, Quite tired this few days and my Assignment start to come to me~!! How sad==". Anyway, I just summarize what happening this few days with more photo so I will not bored u!~^^

29 September 2010 -Wednesday-
After school, go find my Babe Angie and my Daddy Albert to tea time, guess what we do after tea~hahahah. We when to Bukit Jalil lake have a walk and nice chat^^" Heart to heart chat~sweet!!

30 September 2010 -Thursday-
Bye Bye to September~!! October Hello~^^ Hope to have a better lucky on this month^^
I really bad lucky on that day. Bad thing don't mention, just look at my cute photo~I'm just kidding~=)

1st October 2010 -Fridays-
My 1st Tutorial/Practical classes. I'm so tired!! Lucky my 1st class was cancelled if not i will accidentally skipped that class==". My bad habit can't be changed, sleep late and wake late==" please SHOOOO~~~!!

See tired till when i *wink* also not energy and don't have those power~hahaha.

But at night I'm charged with full battery, well prepare to go Mist to celebrate my Dearest Ho Kent birthdays^^. It was fun that night, Mist and Maison really nice. Knew some new friend, they are so damn funny and friendly^^. I even have Nice profile photo, after that night. Comment me, Please!! Most people thought i photoshop-ed my photo==" I swear i didn't. Anyway, as what they like to think cause i don't mind what they think=="

This is after i removed my make up, is time to sleep~ But do I look different with and without make up!? Please some true comment~!!!?

2nd October 2010 -Saturday-
When to Sunway at night, having great time with Mimi. Yea, his a guy which called as Mimi, his name damn cute right!? He called me and ask me want to Karaoke or not on that night. So YES of cause i wanted to Karaoke, is been quite long i didn't when for karaoke=(. That night I didn't spend any money, because Mimi say he will treat me~!! Thanks you~he is so good =P

This what i didn't for pass few days~=}
My life was fun and wonderful as always, even without money^^
I currently at Setapak, So miss my last 1month life at Puchong ={
I just started my Tutorial/Practical classes this week and i have to face many task and assignment.
Also need to buy many may stuff=="*suffering*

Look at my latest Timetable!! It was tiring when u have to go class at 8am in the morning and 8pm at night==" Owh ya~I got my result too, I quite satisfy with it not to bad. My CGPA dropped by 0.1==" It really hard to maintain good CGPA=="

Maybe after you saw my result and timetable u will think it was nothing.
But for me it is BIG problem=="
Okay~I will stop here, Stay tune for my coming post~

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