Monday, October 25, 2010


Just Married

Just married not me, is my Cousin sis [Ky]. She was married yesterday. She find me, both my sis and few cousin be her bride maid. At the first place we were so excited for her wedding's day and also happy that we have the chance to prank the groom *it is a traditional to prank the groom before let him to bring the wife to his house*

But end up, everything is a mess. All was ruin by the groom, and embarrassed my cousin. Her hubby was a DUMB ASS FOOL!! Making himself look like a clown on his own big day. She came into the house and start to bark like a dog!! He say "You guys want red packet only right!? I give you, just open the door, if you guys want me to play i will just wait here." Everyone was totally moodiness. My aunt was so angry, she kicked the gate and told my cousin "Call your hubby not to make me crazy, if not i will not attend your wedding dinner tonight"

Feel so pity to my cousin have to marry to a guy like him!! Anyway, hope she will not suffer after married him and wish him have a wonderful life after married. Their wedding made me have the chance to meet other cousin, it quite long i didn't when back to my mom hometown. *PHOTO WILL UPLOAD SOONER OR LATER*

23 October 2010, quite many wedding on that day and also birthday==". Included my cousin their 3 wedding going on that morning. Around 4 people i know birthday was also on that day.

Today, when to MidValley with friend for a movie " Life As We Know It ". This a comedy & romance movie. Quite funny and also nice, for me. The baby is so damn CUTE!! The Guy "Messer" so HOT!! And the Lady "Holly" is pretty!! The really made a pretty family together. A should watch movie, i recommended. Get a break and head to the cinema for this~^^~

Have to head to my lovely bed, tomorrow class again!!=="
And this week will be a blood donation week.
I will go for blood donation which held at my College.

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