Sunday, October 17, 2010



L♥VE MY FAMILY~!! Why!? They came into my room and asked me where do I sleep tonight!? Feel curious why they ask so!? Because as you guys know I'm a student and my college is far from my family house. Normally I will be at Setapak, less come back. My sis Catherine was back from UK, and my room become her study room=="

My dad, sis and bro came in asked same question and answered also~ahahaha. They are so so cute!! My elder sis Christina nudged me from other room, asked same thing too. LOL!! They call me to sleep at my bro room, but it will be a bit difficult for me to sleep==". They off light while sleeping, i can't sleep when I'm in a dark room!!! isk~

Below was a print screen of my Facebook wall, announcing I LOVE MY FAMILY~^^

Tomorrow is my Cousin sis wedding dinner, she was the 1st closer cousin getting marry^^. She want me to be her photographer tomorrow and on her wedding day. Hope don't end up only me and my sis vain photo!! hahahah~

I have found any suitable dress for her wedding dinner, no handbag, no heels!! Wanted to go shopping tomorrow morning, but wallet empty bank more empty!!! argggg~~~!!! Hope tomorrow daddy will sponsor some. *evil smile*

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